We’re super excited to announce that parents and caregivers can now purchase Rascal + Friends premium baby products exclusively at Walmart Canada!

Already loved in several countries, Rascal + Friends diapers are now available to Canadians exclusively at Walmart! These eco-conscious and affordable diaper products from New Zealand have won awards because they make life better for babies, families and the planet.

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  1. What is Rascal + Friends?
  2. Where are Rascal + Friends from?
  3. Are Rascal + Friends good for my baby?
  4. Where can I buy Rascal + Friends diapers?
  5. How much are Rascal + Friends diapers?

What is Rascal + Friends?

An eco-conscious family brand, Rascal + Friends has a passion for making diapers that you can feel good about putting on your baby.

Rascal-+-Friends-Comfy-all-dayRascal + Friends was born when siblings Grant and Louise saw a need for affordable baby products that were good for little bottoms as well as the environment. After testing countless diaper prototypes on her four sons, Co-Founder and Director of Product Development, Louise Stainthorpe, was able to pinpoint the unique unisex design that’s helped to make nappies/diapers by Rascal + Friends so popular worldwide. Parents and caregivers have grown to love this growing disposable diaper brand thanks to its strict “no nasties” policy, premium performance, as well as its fun, welcoming online community.


Where are Rascal + Friends from?

According to the proud Co-Founders of this great company, Rascal + Friends is 100% New Zealand owned.

Babies beside Rascal and Friends boxesFounded by siblings who are passionate about parenting and making the very best products for babies, Rascal + Friends is also based in New Zealand. Now partnered with one of the world’s largest toy companies, the award-winning ZURU, they’re spreading Rascal love around the world! And, for the first time, Canadian parents can conveniently purchase this awesome brand for their wee ones online and in stores across the country. The company sources premium raw materials from all over the globe, with affordability always in mind.


Are Rascal + Friends good for my baby?

Absolutely! With the brand’s focus on no nasties and high performance, non-toxic and eco-conscious Rascal products are perfect for diapering the tiniest newborns to toilet-training big kids.

Good for babies’ bottoms and your parental peace of mind! Manufactured under the strictest guidelines, Rascal + Friends unisex diapers for infants and toddlers contain no nasties, so they’re gentle on those delicate derrieres and tender tushies.

Rascal + Friends No Nasties just loveThese award-winning diapers are mostly constructed of sustainable fluff pulp, super-absorbent material, polypropylene nonwoven fabrics, polyethylene film, and elastic which all undergo a stringent safety assessment. You’ll be relieved to know water-based inks are used. Most importantly, the diapers are free of chlorine bleach, fragrance, lotions, latex and formaldehyde. Because they don’t contain any harsh chemicals, these baby products are safe, soft and comfortable for your child to wear. The SFI-certified core means a disposable diaper that is safe for babies and the environment too. Did we mention that only 100% sustainable pulp is used in every diaper? It’s true!


Co-Founder Louise tried out numerous nappy configurations on her rascally boys before developing a diaper that would perform reliably while looking super cute. Whether your baby is prone to daytime dribbles, nighttime explosions or diaper rashes, Rascal + Friends unisex diapers are designed with special features that help provide coverage, comfort and absorbency:


  1. Unique deep pocket to reduce the chance of overflow
  2. Soft curved legs for a comfy fit
  3. Innovative absorbency channel to help prevent leaks
  4. 3D leak guard helps prevent side leaks and explosions
  5. Breathable backsheet to keep baby’s skin dry
  6. High-back waistband for active babies
  7. Feather-soft absorbency layer with liquid dispersion
  8. Custom-designed grip tabs that stay put and make changes easier (even when you’re half asleep!)
  9. Handy size indicator
  10. Stylish pattern for tiny trendsetters

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Where can I buy Rascal + Friends diapers?

No ifs, ands, or butts about it, Walmart is thrilled to bring Rascal + Friends to Canada!

Baby-Wearing-DiaperKnown as nappies in their homeland, Rascals + Friends baby diapers are catching on in countries around the world. They are already selling in New Zealand, Australia, Mongolia and Singapore. And now, (in case we haven’t mentioned it), these wonder diapers are exclusively available in Canada at Walmart! This is a huge timesaver for busy parents trying to juggle late-night feedings and frequent changes. Now parents and caregivers can easily stock up on Rascal + Friends baby essentials by conveniently shopping online at Walmart.ca from the comfort of home. Such great news! There’s no need to change into spit-up-free clothing or bundle up your little one to go out to the store when Walmart online shopping is at your fingertips.



Rascal + Friends diapers are thoughtfully made in sizes one to six (diaper) to ensure the perfect fit for your child at any stage of their growth.

Rascal + Friends are available in bulk and jumbo diaper packs to help keep you well supplied for almost any situation. Want to do a trial run to see what works best for your tot? Head over to their social page Facebook.com/rascalandfriendsCA to enter competitions and giveaways that could see you win a free pack!


How much are Rascal + Friends diapers?

Rascal + Friends products are made to be affordable without compromising performance, making this partnership with Walmart Canada so perfect. Be on the lookout for new Rascal + Friends products too — they are coming soon! Join the family of Rascals so you can be the first to know when these premium products will launch.

Rascal-+-Friends-Environmentally-FriendlyWith Rascal + Friends at Walmart Canada, budget-conscious families can stock up on these premium unisex diapers.

This modern, cruelty-free and vegan brand loves being social. Connect with Rascals + Friends on Facebook and Instagram to see what other parents are saying and have some fun by taking part in the exciting contests and giveaways.

We couldn’t be more proud to announce the exclusive partnership between Rascal + Friends and Walmart Canada. Thanks to the famous no nasties policy, sustainable materials, premium performance, affordability and online availability; Rascal + Friends premium unisex diapers make the nasty business of changing diapers a wee bit more appealing to growing Canadian families everywhere.

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