Three babies in Rascal + Friends diapers sitting and playing with toys on the floor
Three babies in Rascal + Friends diapers sitting and playing with toys on the floor

With fans around the globe, New Zealand–based Rascal + Friends is famous for its adorable unisex diapers that are safe for little bottoms and the environment. The brand was born when siblings Grant Taylor and Louise Stanithorpe realized how hard it was to find diapers that were gentle (read: free of nasty chemicals that can cause rashes and eczema), sustainable, cute and affordable. Oh, and add super absorbent to the list. After developing and testing hundreds of designs and unique features, the pair settled on their hero product: the eco-friendly Rascal + Friends Premium Disposable Diaper.

What makes Rascal + Friends diapers eco-friendly?

The single-use diapers aren’t biodegradable, but they do contain 100 per cent sustainable pulp and are made with water-based inks. Plus, they’re certified by PETA as vegan and cruelty-free. The same is true for Rascal + Friends Disposable Training Pants, while Rascal + Friends Sensitive Baby Wipes are made with more than 99 per cent natural ingredients and come in completely recyclable packaging. That’s good news if you’re looking for natural, cruelty-free alternatives to your most-used products.

Do Rascal + Friends diapers contain harsh chemicals?

No harsh chemicals here—the brand is proud of its “no nasties” policy. The diapers and training pants are free of latex, chlorine and formaldehyde, as well as irritating fragrances and lotions. The wipes, on the other hand, avoid alcohol, phenoxyethanol, chlorine, perfume, phthalates, parabens, SLS and lanolin.

Are Rascal + Friends products safe for sensitive skin?

Absolutely. Avoiding harsh chemicals certainly helps, but they’re also dermatologically tested and certified by Dermatest, a reputable Australian testing service.

Sure, they’re eco-friendly, but do they actually work?

The Rascal + Friends team know that new-mom stress is real. That’s why the fit and technology are just as important as the materials. Co-founder Louise tried out numerous nappy configurations on her boys before developing a diaper that would perform reliably while still looking super cute. Whether your baby is prone to daytime dribbles, nighttime explosions or diaper rashes, Rascal + Friends Premium Disposable Diapers are designed with special features that help provide coverage, comfort and absorbency:

  • A deep pocket on the bottom and 3D core to reduce the likelihood of overflow onto your crib mattress, pants or other precious fabrics.
  • Soft curved leg cuffs for a comfy fit.
  • Absorbency channels along each side that are designed to help prevent leaks.
  • Double leak guards on the sides.
  • A breathable back with air circulation to help keep skin dry and eliminate odours.
  • A stretchy, high-back waistband that moves with your child.
  • A feather-soft, non-woven absorbency layer that disperses liquid.
  • Stay-put grip tabs.

And if your little one is ready for the Rascal + Friends training pant, the stretchy waistband allows for speedy changes and the perfect fit.

How does the cost compare to other popular diaper brands?

Diapers are one of those baby essentials—there’s no way around it. But if you can find nappies that are affordable, so much the better! On average, Rascal + Friends Premium Disposable Diapers are less pricey than other mainstream brands. For a regular pack of Rascal + Friends diapers, you will pay anywhere from 26 (size 1) to 45 cents (size 6) per diaper. If you buy a jumbo box, that amount lowers to between 18 and 30 cents. In contrast, Huggies Little Snugglers are about 32 to 46 cents each, Pampers Swaddlers are about 32 to 54 cents each and The Honest Company diapers are about 42 to 77 cents each. (All prices are before tax and accurate at the time of writing.)

What size of Rascal + Friends diapers or training pants should I choose for my child?

Crosscheck your child’s weight with the Rascal + Friends size guide, but keep in mind that it’s just an approximation and every baby is shaped differently. Many customers say that Rascal + Friends diapers fit a little bigger than other brands.

Weight in pounds Weight in kilograms Diaper size Training pants size
6-11 lbs 3-5 kg 1 n/a
9-18 lbs 4-8 kg 2 n/a
13-24 lbs 6-11 kg 3 n/a
22-33 lbs 10-15 kg 4 4
28-39 lbs 13-18 kg 5 5
35+ lbs 16+ kg 6 6

But what do real moms and dads think?

Parents often praise the feel-good ingredients, affordable price and leak-proof performance—earning the products high ratings ranging from 4.7 to 4.9 out of five stars across the range (at time of writing). Check out these Rascal + Friends reviews:

“I wasn’t thinking about ingredients until recently and I’m so glad I switched to Rascal + Friends. A cleaner diaper for a good price and performs well.” —Tin J, Walmart customer

“These diapers are awesome. They hold in even big poos really well, fit like a dream and, most importantly, they last all night long with no leaks and my 13-month-old pees a lot overnight. I will continue to purchase this product for sure!!!” —Burtie, Walmart customer

“My boy has very sensitive skin and I don’t need to apply a barrier cream with these diapers, which is a bonus! They are soft and fit nicely. I am planning on permanently making the switch from Huggies to R+F.” —Katiemoose, Walmart customer

“I was using Pampers Pure but they are really expensive. These are fantastic. It is a great diaper, explosions are contained, the diaper doesn’t get wet overnight. It holds quite a bit and the sizing overlaps wonderfully as baby grows!!!! Highly recommended for the price.” —Laguna, Walmart customer

“A couple of weeks ago, someone gifted us Pampers and since it was a gift I decided to use them. 2-3 days later I noticed her scratching herself down there and she had a full-blown rash. Once I realized the reason I went back to R+F and her rash went away in 2 days. In conclusion, you have a loyal customer from now on!” —Joma07, Walmart customer

Where can I buy Rascal + Friends diapers?

In Canada, the brand is exclusive to Walmart. Visit to order your diapers, training pants or wipes for pick-up or to get them delivered straight to your door.

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