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Life has certainly changed since you became a mom. You’re on a new adventure and motherhood doesn’t have to mean giving up the things you love. In fact, it’s an opportunity to share what you love with your child.

Festival season is getting underway! Whether you’re into Keith Urban or K-pop, put a flower in your hair, grab hold of those event tickets and let us help you get your baby festival-ready!

Don’t worry about taking baby out of their routine for the day. BabyCenter advises that most babies bounce back after missing an occasional nap. According to the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board, these once-in-a-while occurrences shouldn’t throw her off too much. After all, baby will miss a nap here and there due to circumstances beyond your control. Either the pediatrician couldn’t fit you in at a better time, or you have a dentist appointment that can’t be missed. Baby will get her groove back.

Dress your baby and yourself in layers for the outdoor music festival. This way, you have options as the day warms up or weather changes. Wearing a sun hat with a brim offers shelter for your face. Find a terrific selection of hats for yourself and hats for baby at Walmart.

Zoocchini Swim Diaper & Sun Hat Set--FlamingoZoocchini Swim Diaper & Sun Hat Set – Flamingo

Here’s a practical swim diaper and sun hat combo you’ll be able to dress baby in all summer long. Take the hat with you on all summer outings and save the swim diaper for visits to the pool. The hat’s brim is designed to help keep the sun out of baby’s eyes and off their delicate skin. Choose from Zoocchini’s adorable flamingo, duck, sushi, crab and other fun water-critter themes.

Tote some hydration in the form of cold-pressed chilled juice by Freshii and a few bottles of water. Many festivals have water stations where you can get free refills.

The best sunscreen is important for you and your wee one, too. It can block 97% of the sun’s harmful rays. Children and baby sunscreen is specially formulated for your child’s delicate skin. It’s light, gentle and fragrance-free. Skin can still burn on a cloudy day, but full shade—if you can find it—will help bring some relief. Be sure to check the age range as specified on the packaging before applying on your little one.

Equate Baby Mineral Sunscreen LotionEquate Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

Equate Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion helps deliver broad-spectrum 50 SPF protection. It’s formulated to be hypo-allergenic and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. All at a price that fits your budget. Always reapply sunscreen every few hours because sunscreen does wear off.

Take it from someone who wears hearing aids and isn’t in the age group where you’d expect it. Protect your family’s hearing. According to the article Harmful Noise Level, as seen at the Government of Alberta’s MyHealth site, rock concerts are among the loudest events. Even with hearing loss, at concerts I sometimes remove my aids and pop in a pair of ear plugs. Believe me, Maroon 5 still comes through loud and clear!

Banz Baby Mini EarmuffsBanz Baby Mini Earmuffs

Help safeguard baby’s hearing from guitar solos and a thumping bassline with these earmuffs by Baby Banz. They’re the only baby earmuffs approved to both European and North American safety standards. They’re lightweight and are designed to leave room around the ears. They also have no protruding parts that can catch on things.

Have you seen the price of food at concession stands? Sometimes you might want to shell out for a special memento to mark the occasion, but when hunger strikes, it’s easier on the budget if you’re prepared. A protein bar isn’t heavy to carry and will help keep you satisfied for a few hours. If your little one is on solid foods, keeping baby happy is a little more involved. Bring some formula and baby snacks. Lots of baby snacks!

GERBER PUFFS Banana Baby SnacksGerber Puffs, Banana, Baby Snacks

Our friends’ baby’s first word wasn’t Mama or Dada. She said “puffs.” She loves these Gerber snacks. They come in five tasty flavours: blueberry vanilla, peach, sweet potato, strawberry and banana. Each puff is specially formulated to dissolve in baby’s mouth. Puffs are made from whole grains with no added salt. At least one baby asks for them by name! For ages 8 months and older.

Some festivals have children’s play areas and other family-friendly amenities. Others require you to be more resourceful. For example, if you need to express breast milk, the first-aid tent offers some privacy and shelter if you feel the need for privacy.

The best diaper bag is a staple in your universe for the next few years. If you compromise on quality, you’ll likely end up having to replace it. Many moms find a backpack style more practical than other diaper-bag styles. It leaves both hands free to look after your little one … or two or three. (Don’t forget diapers and wipes!)

Jujube Be Right Back Diaper BackpackJuJuBe Right Back Diaper Backpack

Pack the good-looking and practical JuJuBe Be Right Back with everything you and baby might need for the day. This diaper backpack is designed for comfort and breathability. It features a memory foam changing pad, quick grab handle, two exterior insulated bottle pockets, storage pockets and more.

Here’s a round-up of a few of Canada’s best family-friendly 2019 festivals for you, baby and the rest of the family to enjoy (check local listings for events in your area):

Don’t forget your sunglasses … and you’re ready to go! Remember, it’s not about perfection. It’s about fun. If it turns out that your baby isn’t the hard-core music festival fan that you are right now, this too shall pass! If you are able to plan a date night so you and your partner can attend an evening event (sans baby), MoneyCrashers can show you How to Get Cheap Concert, Event & Musical Tickets.

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