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When back to school means starting grade 3, it’s time to treat your little ones like the serious students they’re growing into. back to school shopping easier. No matter what age your other kids are, keep the master supply list nearby to get all your shopping done in one trip.

The Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur in Québec scheduled curriculum for grade 3 students (élèves de 3e année) shows a further leaning into early mathematics, science and technology, social sciences and arts education. This list focuses on the need for folders, organization and note-taking, going beyond the continued creative and exploration elements at this stage of learning.

Writing Supplies

Box of crayons

#2 pencils

Coloured pencils



Pencil boxes


Pencil sharpeners

Arts and Crafts

Washable markers

Glue sticks

Scissors (metal blade)

Quick Look

Taking Neat Notes


Notebook paper

Wide spiral notebooks

Report covers (with prongs)

Pocket folders

Index cards


Backpacks and Essentials

Backpacks (tip: tag your child’s name inside)

Box of tissues

Quick Look

Kids are practically seasoned pros by the time they head back to school for grade 3. Help them feel like the little rockstars they are with this handy school supplies checklist. And for other grades, make sure to keep a copy of the master checklist nearby.

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