Whether you’re hosting a FIFA World Cup Final or an NHL Stanley Cup playoff game, here are some great ways to make your party stand out from the rest.

For sports fans around the globe, a cup final, world series, or a big fight is an exciting moment. These athletic spectacles are a great opportunity for friends and family to get together and enjoy the game. Of course, that means someone has to host the party—and if you’re reading this, chances are that someone is you!

For any big game sports party, there are some consistent, must-have items. Of course, different sports call for different approaches to party planning. To help you host a great sports viewing party for every occasion, here are suggestions that cover several major sporting events!

Tips for hosting a successful live sports viewing party:

  1. How to host an NHL Stanley Cup party
  2. How to host an NFL Super Bowl party
  3. How to host a WWE Wrestlemania party
  4. How to host an NBA Finals party
  5. How to host a FIFA World Cup party
  6. How to host an MLB World Series party

How to host an NHL Stanley Cup party

NHL-Vancouver-Canucks-Ceramic-MugsIf you’re cooking up a good NHL Stanley Cup party, why not start in the kitchen with a Calgary Flames Crock-Pot? As you move to the living room, a great way to show off your team allegiance is with a comfortable throw blanket. It’s comfortable, practical, and a fun way to show support for your favourite team.

While watching the game, let everyone at your party enjoy their favourite warm beverage in these NHL ceramic mugs! As the Stanley Cup gets hoisted by your favorite team, it’s the perfect time to stand up and show off your hockey slippers. If that doesn’t drive home how confident you were in your team, nothing will!


How to host an NFL Super Bowl party

NFL-footballWhen you’re making the most of your HDTV by putting the big game on it, make sure you don’t forget the rest of the room. For NFL inspired décor, considering getting a team-based table lamp to excite your guests. There’s nothing like illuminating the room by a lamp inspired by your favourite football team!

It’s hard to beat having an authentic NFL football if you’ve got the yard space for guests to toss the pigskin out back. It’s a great way to make sure your guests are active, and as a bonus, they’ll build up an appetite for your half-time snacks!


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How to host a WWE Wrestlemania party

WWE-NWO-championship-beltWWE events involve a lot of superstars, so everyone’s sure to have a favourite at the next big pay-per-view. Wrestling is all about working the crowd, so here’s a fun way to do the same: consider giving a WWE NWO championship belt to the person who predicts the most winners!

To add a fun twist to your WWE Wrestlemania party, surprise your  guests by showing them “zombified” versions of their favourite WWE superstars. There’s nothing like an undead Shinsuke Nakamura, Charlotte Flair, or Matt Hardy! Why not also decorate your home with a few “human” WWE figures, like this AJ Styles Action Figure and this Becky Lynch Action Figure!


How to host an NBA Finals party

Toronto-Raptors-table-lampWhether you’re reminding people who are the North or simply following LeBron’s current team, the NBA Finals are always a great celebration of the sport. While your team lights up the court, you can light up the living room with a Toronto Raptors table lamp.

If you’re keen to have the ultimate NBA party setup, this NBA round area rug will really set the mood! For even more fun, why not add NBA canvas chair of your favourite team?


How to host a FIFA World Cup party

FIFA-19The world’s biggest match comes only once every four years, so hosting the best soccer party possible is no small feat! While waiting for the kickoff, firing up FIFA 19 for a digital bout of World Cup action will get the banter and competitive spirit flowing. With plenty of national teams on display in the game, the World Cup spirit will be flowing by the time the whistle blows for kickoff.

Setting up two pop-up dome nets for a game of pick-up soccer in the backyard is a great way to keep everyone entertained and active. These can be folded and tucked away for easy storage, making them a great World Cup party feature that won’t get in the way later on! Now that’s a great party goal.


How to host an MLB World Series party

Autographed-Jays-BallIf you want your party to be a home run, there are plenty of baseball-themed items for your party. Get a round baseball rug to keep your living room floor clean from all the extra foot traffic. For those looking for wall-mounted items, replica signature photos of iconic moments can be great conversation starters. After all, nothing gets a vigorous debate going like a certain infamous bat flip photo!

Picking up some Blue Jays mixing glasses is a great away to help your guests quench their thirst as someone slides to first. It’s also a great idea to have a baseball handy to toss around before or after the game! Make sure that it’s not an autographed ball, though—those need to be kept safe!

No matter the sports event, it’s a great idea to stock up some decorative pieces that fit the theme. Big game parties can be much more than watching on a couch, and we hope the above suggestions help you make a memorable big game party!

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