The Best 4K TVs of 2018 at Walmart Canada

Thinking about getting a new 4K TV? Here’s our definitive list of the best 4K sets at

With new models introduced every year, keeping on top of the latest in 4K TVs can be a daunting task. Further complicating things are all the proprietary terms manufacturers use to describe their TV’s features. Samsung’s PurColour, LG’s Color Master Engine, and Vizio’s Active Full Array Plus are just three such examples.

To help you understand these terms and choose the perfect 4K TV for your family, we’ve prepared a buying guide that covers the top models you can find at Walmart Canada. This list reviews the main specs of each model and key features that set it apart from the rest. We’ve separated our list into two main categories:

(a) The Best 4K TVs
(b) The Best Value 4K TVs

There’s a great offer on a 4K TV waiting for you at Walmart Canada. Let’s dive right in!

The Best 4K TVs at Walmart Canada:

  1. Samsung 7100 Series
  2. Samsung 7300 Series
  3. LG 6300 Series
  4. LG 8000 Series
  5. Vizio M-Series
  6. Vizio E-Series

The Best Offers on Value 4K TVs at Walmart Canada:

  1. Sanyo 4K Ultra HD Smart TV
  2. RCA 4K TV

What is 4K resolution?

Before getting into the actual 4K TV recommendations, let’s take a step back and recap what exactly 4K is. In essence, it’s any TV with a resolution of 3840 × 2160, which is 4x the pixel count found on standard 1080p HDTVs. All those extra pixels result in remarkably clearer images, especially for larger TVs over 50”. If you want the best possible image detail and greatest immersion, a 4K TV will bring you closer to the full impression of whatever you’re viewing.

While the cost of a 4k set used to be thousands of dollars, they’ve come down in price significantly in recent years. Now you can find affordable 4K TVs for little more than you’d pay for most 1080p displays. Having a 4K TV is just the first step though. You also need to find 4K content to get the most from your experience. The good news is, there’s a lot of great 4K content to enjoy these days, including: 4K UHD Blu-ray movies, 4K Netflix TV series*, and 4K live sports*. (*subscriptions required)

Deciding you want a 4K TV is a good first step, but to really narrow down your choices it’s important to check reviews and determine what features/benefits matter most to you. To help you out, here’s our list of best 4K TVs available at Walmart:

Best 4K TVs at Walmart Canada

Samsung-7100- SeriesSamsung 7100 Series

First up, we’ve got one of the most popular and trusted brands in TVs today: Samsung. Their 7100 Series 4K TVs are ideal for those looking for a sleek, stylish design and superb colour accuracy.

The TV itself is ultra thin, measuring just 2.24” (5.7cm) thick. There are two ways to display this model: the first is using the included stand, and the second is wall mounting (mount not included). If you opt for the stand, the TV will have a total depth of 10.3” (26.2cm).

Feature-wise, the biggest standout quality of the 7100 Series is its excellent picture performance. It boasts a high native contrast ratio and HDR, or high-dynamic range. These produce a huge spectrum of colours, excellent contrast between lights and darks, and a wide luminance range. This 4K TV includes Samsung’s PurColor technology, designed to accurately replicate true colours for spectacular picture quality. This enables the TV to present the natural colours filmmakers and content creators originally envisioned, drawing your further into the experiences.

Gamers will also appreciate the 7100 Series’ extremely low input lag, ideal for modern gaming. Once in PC or Game mode, you’ll enjoy among the lowest input lag of any TV model in the industry, resulting in smoother gameplay with less interruptions. It also means this TV is a great choice for using as a PC monitor.

Walmart Canada sells several flat screen models in this series:

There are also curved screen models, which can improve immersion, enhance the sense of depth, and offer a wider field of view. Walmart Canada carries two 7100 Series curved sets:

Saumsung-7300-SeriesSamsung 7300 Series

Another series in Samsung’s 2018 4K UHD TV lineup is the new 7300. There are two main differences between this series and the 7100, let’s take a closer look.

To start, the 7300 Series TVs are all curved, offering a nice panoramic viewing experience. Curved TVs give you a greater a wider field of view, have better contrast, and deliver a more uniform viewing distance. They also tend to provide a slightly better image when viewed at an angle, letting family members see a more optimal image when viewing off-centre.

The second big benefit of the 7300 Series is its Auto Depth Enhancer, which greatly enhances the sense of image depth. This translates to a higher level of immersive viewing, which is perfect for watching films. You’ll feel like you’re almost there.

Walmart Canada carries the 55” 7300 model:

LG-6300-SeriesLG 6300 Series

Taking a look at what LG has to offer, first let’s delve into their new 6300 Series. This entry-level 4K model in their 2018 lineup provides full 4K UHD resolution with 8.2 million pixels, giving you an incredible, crystal clear picture. It also supports the HDR and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) standards, which helps the TV produce billions of rich, natural-looking colours. Rounding out the display features is LG’s Colour Master Engine, a technology that boosts the screen’s brightness and offers a wider range of colours for extremely lifelike images.

Families will also benefit from the LG 6300’s wide viewing angle that allows the picture to remain clear when viewed from the sides. This series also great for gaming given its very low input lag, 60 Hz refresh rate and TM120 motion enhancement. In plain language, these technologies work together to give you a stable, smooth image during fast-paced action or sports games.

Walmart Canada sells three models in the LG 6300 Series:

LG-8000-SeriesLG 8000 Series

The LG 8000 Series is a step up, featuring better picture quality, a wider HDR colour spectrum, a faster response rate, and has a more premium look to it. Furthermore, the advanced Nano Cell Display improves colour accuracy while absorbing unwanted light, resulting in richer, truer colours. This TV display produces deeper blacks and whiter whites while reducing distracting light reflections.

For a truly cinematic experience, the LG 8000 TVs are powered by the a7 Intelligent Processor, which delivers an enhanced 4K HDR image. Other benefits of this high-tech chip include dynamically boosting fine details and textures, and heightening the perception of depth.

Another key feature of the LG 8000 is its webOS 4.0.1 Smart TV operating system that lets you easily select apps and navigate the on-screen menu. Adding greater freedom is LG’s ThinQ AI, which enables you to use intelligent voice commands to access many of the TV’s features. If you prefer traditional controls, the LG Magic Remote lets you effortlessly click or scroll through menus to access your content fast.

Walmart Canada sells two models in the LG 8000 Series:

Vizio-M-SeriesVizio M-Series

Let’s take a look now at what Vizio has to offer this year in the 4K UHD space. A great all-around choice is their affordable M-Series 4K TV line that gives you excellent picture performance for a wide range of uses. Its high contrast ratio will make movies sharp and colourful, while the good motion handling means you can watch sports without the blur.

For style-conscious shoppers, the Vizio M-Series has a sleek look and a sturdy stand. The metallic border is slimmer than previous Vizio models for a premium look, and the glass extends close to the edge for extra class.

The Vizio M-Series also includes many heavy-hitting apps such YouTube and Netflix, all accessible via the on-screen menu. You can use the packed-in remote to browse these apps directly on your TV screen. Alternatively, the TV can interface with Google Home devices, allowing you to control your M-Series using pre-defined voice commands.

Walmart Canada sells two models in the Vizio M-Series:

Vizio-E-SeriesVizio E-Series

Another option in the Vizio’s 2018 selection is their E-Series 4K UHD TV. This affordable line offers superb image quality with some great smart features packed in.

Looking at picture quality first, the E-Series excels at delivering clear 4K images with excellent contrast, high black uniformity, and brighter whites using its Active Full Array Plus back-lit panel. It also supports the most common HDR standards, including HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision HDR. Essentially, what all this means is a beautiful and vivid 4K picture that will make all your movie and TV content pop.

Like the M-Series, these 4K TVs can be fully integrated with Google Assistant, letting you access apps and content using just your voice. Additionally, the E-Series comes with built-in Chromecast support for even more media streaming support.

Walmart Canada sells four models in the Vizio E-Series lineup:

50” Vizio E-Series
55” Vizio E-Series
65” Vizio E-Series
70” Vizio E-Series

Great Value 4K TVs at Walmart Canada

Sanyo 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Now let’s turn our attention to two great budget deals on 4K UHD TVs you can find at Walmart Canada. For starters, there’s the Sanyo 4K UHD Smart TV, capable of producing 4x the resolution of their 1080p HD models.

Sanyo-4k-Ultra-HD-Smart-TVThis Smart TV comes with popular streaming apps, like Netflix, YouTube, and more. A wide selection of apps is available for download via the Vewd App store, accessible from the TV’s main menu. You can also surf the internet right on your TV using the built-in Vewd Internet Browser.

Walmart Canada sells three models in Sanyo’s 4K UHD Smart TV line:

RCA 4K Ultra HD TV

A second great budget option is the RCA 4K Ultra HD TV. This 55” TV offers brilliant 2160p 4K resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio perfect for watching your favourite movies and TV shows. It also has a built-in digital tuner for viewing free over the air broadcasting.

This RCA 4K TV allows you to connect up to four HD devices through its HDMI port. The USB port also enables you to connect compatible devices to the TV. With all these connectivity options, you can stream, browse, or listen to all of your favourite content with ease.

Here’s a link to the product page on

As you can see, there are many great 4K UHD TV options for you to choose from. From 4K TVs with advanced image technologies, to sets well-suited for gaming, to models offering a large selection of media and streaming apps, there’s a 4K TV for all preferences and budgets. We hope these recommendations help you along your journey to finding the perfect model for you and your family. You can also browse our full selection of UHD TVs here.


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