The Best Apps for Your Smart TV

Enhance your TV time by using these recommended best smart TV apps in 2018

One of the most exciting things about having a new Smart TV is learning what the best smart TV apps are for your lifestyle. Video streaming services are more popular than ever and watching your favourite television shows and movies are just a few clicks away.

There are also plenty of social media, sports, music, and gaming smart TV apps that will keep you entertained for hours.

This article introduces you to the best apps you should be using to get the most out of your Smart TV. These applications will let you stream video, watch new TV shows and movies on demand, share social media content, and play games on your new display.

Best Smart TV apps

  1. Netflix
  2. YouTube
  3. MLB.TV
  4. Skype
  5. TMN GO & HBO Go Canada
  6. Facebook
  7. Spotify
  8. Your TV App Dashboard/Hub


As one of the most popular video streaming services available, Netflix offers award-winning films, documentaries, and Netflix Originals for a small monthly fee. This subscription streaming service has a top-notch app to add to your Smart TV’s lineup, where you can view your favourite movies on your new 4K Smart TV.

Nobody does entertainment like Netflix, and with their easy to use app you can quickly login and start streaming after a long day’s work, during date night, or on family TV night. The Netflix app is pre-installed on most Smart TVs already, due to its immense popularity.


YouTube is one of the most entertaining video services, and many Smart TVs come with this app natively installed. With billions of videos available ranging from music videos, to documentaries, to news reports, and podcasts, YouTube is one of the most popular and user-friendly video platforms for kids and adults alike.

YouTube offers a variety of upload and viewing resolutions, including 1080p and 4K. You can take advantage of YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red), YouTube Music Premium, and YouTube TV, which are all subscription streaming services YouTube offers.

You can also seek out alternatives such as Vimeo, where you can enjoy stunning 4K video by installing the Vimeo TV app. Vimeo is similar to YouTube but only allows high-quality video to be uploaded by users.


The sports fans among you will love MLB.TV, which is a widely used sports app available on Smart TVs. Watch the Blue Jays take to the field, or watch your other favourite MLB teams, straight from the app at game time.


We’ve come a long way from using webcams tethered to our desktops to talk to family and friends. From laptops to mobile phones, Skype has emerged as a video communication app that has lasted the test of time. And this convenience has been extended to Smart TVs.

The Skype app is free to use and can connect to anyone else who has a Skype account. You can now chat with your friends and family on your new Smart TV anytime. Choose a Smart TV with a built-in HD camera and mic, tether or cast a mobile device to the TV, or plug in a webcam to your new flat screen via an HDMI port, and get chatting on the big screen using the Skype app.

TMN Go & HBO Go Canada

The Movie Network is known for its exclusive offerings you can’t get on other channels. TMN’s relationship with major movie studios means they offer some of the best on-demand movies out there. You have a great chance of finding a ton of films and television shows on TMN Go that you can’t find elsewhere.

This app is available to TMN and/or TMN Encore subscribers only (through participating television providers), but the good news is: you also gain access to HBO Go Canada, a service offering exclusive series from HBO.


Using the Facebook app gives many of the same functions you’ll find on the mobile phone app or desktop version.

Having a Facebook app on your TV allows you to look at your friend’s recent vacation pictures, watch a video of your niece taking her first steps, and viewing family member photo albums. The Facebook app can put all these photos and videos on the big screen for you to see. That’s certainly better than trying to view them on your iPhone or Android smartphone.


TV shows and film aren’t the only options to stream on-demand through your TV. There has been a significant shift from music channels to music apps for listening to your favourite tunes.

Spotify is the best music app available on Smart TVs today, and lets you listen to your favourite artists via your TV speakers, soundbar, or surround sound system. Best of all, Spotify is free to use, and you can create your own play lists for music that will suit your every mood.

Your TV App Dashboard/Hub

Don’t forget to take a look at your TV’s built-in dashboard or hub. Each brand has their own name for their Smart hub, which typically includes a web browser, weather updates, local and national news, and the TV manufacturer’s own app store.

Some of the popular entertainment dashboard and app stores from your favourite brands include Samsung Smart Hub, LG Smart TV Dashboard, Sharp SmartCentral, VIZIO Internet Apps, and Sony Entertainment Network.


With so many streaming and on-demand TV apps out there, watching movies, television shows, listening to music, and communicating with others has never been so accessible.

Make full use of your new Smart TV by downloading these app recommendations and enjoy endless hours of great content. Your 4K Smart TV is more than just a screen, it’s an entertainment center unto itself. Browse’s wide selection of Smart TVs to find amazing options all at everyday low prices.


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