Mother holding up baby dressed in kangaroo Halloween costume

THE cutest family and baby Halloween costume ideas are just a click away and priced to make the whole family smile. Turn your family into a ghastly group of ghouls with the most frightening (and cutest) costumes around).

You’ve got enough to think about without having to dream up Halloween costumes for the whole family, so has rounded up the cutest costumes for you and your little ones to get trick or treating in!

From baby pandas to mini superheroes, these adorable infant Halloween costumes will make for great photo ops with your baby, while our family and group Halloween costume ideas will make memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

As a bonus, stay to the end for some pawsome pet Halloween costume ideas!

Perfect Baby Animal Costumes

Baby Animal Costumes

Baby_AnimalsWhether it’s a cuddly panda, fearless lion or sparkly dino, you can’t go wrong with baby costumes styled after every child’s favourite animals. Zip or snap your baby into these playful costumes and let the trick or treating begin!

Not only will these sweet one-piece outfits put a smile on their faces and everyone they meet, but they’re also sure to keep them snuggly and warm throughout your neighbourhood walk.

Lady_BugC’mon! This lady bug infant costume is too adorable! Get ready to snap some pics of your little one in this red and black polka dot dress. This dress features the most adorable bow at the waist, as well as detachable wings and a soft felt antennae headband.

Baby_BunnyIt’ll be a hoppy Halloween when you opt for a cute-as-a-bunny infant pink bunny Halloween costume. The cozy, plush jumpsuit of this super sweet baby costume is perfect for cool autumn nights, while pink floppy ears and a pink gingham belly turn this costume’s cuteness factor to overload.

Bonus: The carrot rattle gives your little one something to play with as you make your rounds this Halloween. Now that you’re good to go, get hopping!

Unicorn_SistersEveryone loves a unicorn, so why not indulge this Halloween in a unicorn costume onesie that’s sure to make everyone smile? The good news: You don’t have to sacrifice comfort when you go with a unicorn loungewear option that makes dressing up as comfortable as it is fun to take part in.

Even your pet can get in on the action, as @reneemleblanc shows. So this Halloween, suit up in your unicorn onesie for a fun Halloween night. Trick-or-treating has never been this snuggly.

Adorable Family Costume Ideas

Family Costumes

Family_of_DeerThe family that dresses up together, stays together, and matching group Halloween costumes are a fun way to bring the gang together. Take your cue from @honeyandbetts, who chose baby and adult deer costumes to suit up in for herself, her hubby and her kids, playing dress-up as this favourite forest friend.

Not only do these Halloween costumes celebrate our dearest wild things, but they also keep you and the kiddos cozy and warm all Halloween night long.

Panda_FamilyFun for the whole family, matching panda bear Halloween costumes will keep parents and babes alike cozy on a fall day. @honeyandbetts shows how it’s done with this panda-inspired family costume idea.

Mom and baby are zipped up in fun, matching one-piece costumes, while big sister suits up in her own variation, featuring a hoodie dress and fuchsia trim to help her stand out in the crowd.

Dinosaur_PackDressing up for Halloween can be as easy as lounging around with themed dinosaur loungewear that double as fun and comfy Halloween onesie costumes.

Go for a group costume with matching dino loungewear outfits that the whole family can enjoy, as @NoTummyMommy and her crew do.

Disney Characters, Princesses and More

Disney, Princesses and More

Cute_Princess_Costumes_newShe’s your little princess, and now she can look like one too, with an adorable princess kids costume that’s sure to brighten up Halloween night!

This sparkly gold number features a sweet full skirt and a pink and gold gemstone, as well as pink rosebuds and a dash of glitter—of course! No princess outfit would be complete without her very own tiara, and this multi-gem gold crown is the perfect finishing touch.

Little ones adore Peppa Pig, and now they can play the part. This adorable outfit makes for a sweet Halloween costume, but also works for playing dress up any day of the week too.

The character headpiece can also be worn alone if your Peppa lover wants to swap outfits for the day.

Hilarious and oh so sweet, is it any wonder the world has fallen in love with Despicable Me’s Minion characters? Now your mini-me can dress up as a minion for Halloween, with the signature blue overalls and faux goggles fit for your very own Bob.

We already know it takes superheroes like moms and dads to pull off family life day to day, now kids can get in on the action too! Show the world how incredible you all are with these Halloween superhero costumes, inspired by The Incredibles.

When mom, dad and kids transform into Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Dash and Jack Jack, watch the Halloween night baddies disappear!

Tinker_BellShe’s feisty but lovable, she’s Tinker Bell! Peter Pan would be nowhere without her, and you know those early Halloween jaunts wouldn’t be complete without this favourite character.

Suit your little one up in this sweet kids costume that makes for great dress up fun any day of the week. Wings are included, so suit up and watch your little one give Julia Roberts a run for her money!

Before your little one learns to fall in love with superheroes like Spiderman, there’s a good chance they’ll be into PJ Masks. Let them enjoy some dress-up fun as their favourite characters from the show.

PJ Masks’ Catboy is easy to spot in this head-to-toe blue Halloween costume. It comes with a detachable tail and soft headpiece, so your mini superhero can enjoy playing the part with or without the rest of the costume.

Paw_PatrolIf you have a baby or toddler, no doubt you’ve watched your share of Paw Patrol. Little ones can dress up as the leader of the pack with a Chase from Paw Patrol kids Halloween costume!

The snuggly costume will keep them warm as they patrol the neighbourhood on this most mischievous of nights. The costume also includes a Chase backpack and hat, making this one value-packed costume.

Funny Food Halloween Costumes

Food Halloween Costumes

CupcakeHalloween costumes don’t get more adorable than this cupcake cutie – it’s the absolute sweetest!

While the pink frosting capelet and cherry-topped headpiece of this food Halloween costume make for the ultimate eye candy, this is one treat that won’t give you a cavity.

Chefs_Hats_ApronGot a miniature MasterChef in the making? Then your child will love to play dress up with a mini chef Halloween costume. An apron and oven mitts are musts, while a chef’s hat tops it off.

Not only does it make a great costume, but your child can also use it during your next “cooking with kids” bake-off.

Pawfect Cute Pet Halloween Costumes

Pawfect Pet Costumes

hotdog costumeWhy should people have all the fun? Let your pet join in on the fun with their very own Halloween pet costume, like @SydHoff did with her sweet pup, Gary.

Take cues from your furry friend to find a Halloween costume that suits their personality, or just pick the cutest pet costume you can find to ham it up. Is it a hot dog? Unicorn? Spider? Whatever you decide, we know it will be pawfect.

iced_coffeeYour pet already loves the taste of coffee, so why not dress them up as one? An iced coffee pet costume is just the thing to keep you up all night for trick or treating fun. They don’t call it puppy love for nothing!

pet_ghostbusters_costumeWho you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Dress up your trusty pet in this adorable ghost-fighting costume for Halloween.

Your best pal can sniff out any baddie, and now they’ll be dressing the part in this Ghostbuster Halloween dog costume. Join in the fun by dressing up as a Ghostbuster yourself, or suit up as one show-worthy ghost.

colourful_crayola_crayon_costumeColour your world with this playful Crayola-inspired Halloween dog costume. The “screamin’ green” shade of neon green is perfect for Halloween, evoking slime, Slimer and ghoulish haunted house lights.

You gotta love the crayon-tipped hat!

superhero_robin_pet_costumeWhether your pet is a true rescue dog, or simply rescued you with their unconditional love, this superhero pet costume is a fitting tribute to man’s best friend.

This Robin pet costume sees your pet dressed as everyone’s favourite sidekick. Get ready to tackle the Halloween night baddies with your masked friend in tow!

pet_bumblebee_halloween_costumeShow everyone’s favourite pollinator some love with this fitting tribute, featuring your pet in a bumblebee pet costume. The adorable black and yellow dress will fit snugly over your furry friend’s form, while the headpiece ups the cuteness factor.

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