Sony outlines its plans for the future of PlayStation 5, and the PS4 isn’t getting left behind.

Yesterday’s presentation by Sony outlined the future of the company’s console efforts, showcasing a desire to see both the PS4 and PS5 grow alongside each other once the next-generation device arrives.

Sony’s presentation was filled to the brim with useful information for analysts and consumers, including key figures on the PS4’s performance. The company revealed that 96.8 million PS4s had been sold, while the PlayStation Network has 94 million monthly users. Sony also unveiled a bombshell announcement that the PS4 will remain the company’s main revenue driver for the next three years. They supplemented that reveal with the fact that the PS4 still has three big games coming—Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II—which should help maintain interest in the console.

The briefing gave us a few glimpses into what they can expect from the PS5, starting with an incredibly fast SSD capable of loading Spider-Man in under a second. For context, the PS4 Pro‘s loading time for the same scene clocks in at over 8 seconds total. The fast SSD will be complemented by a new focus on streaming, as Sony stated its intent to “massively” enhance the PlayStation community.

Cody’s Take:

Sony believes offering backward compatibility can speed up the transition from PS4 to PS5 for its fanbase, which makes sense: if you can play your entire PS4 library on PS5, then that removes a major barrier to purchase. It’s great to see Sony backing the PS4 even as the next-gen arrives, but you have to imagine future Sony-published games may release simultaneously on both platforms. Even if the games only release on PS4, it’s easy to imagine a scenario where playing the games on PS5 will improve the performance. With Google Stadia looming large, it appears Sony has committed to making consoles as accessible as they’ve ever been, a move that should pay off greatly over the next several years.