The Game Awards 2018 is almost upon us, and with it comes some big reveals, plenty of surprise appearances and a night of industry accolades.

The 5th annual Game Awards, airing live on Thursday, December 6, is gaming’s biggest night of the year. The event celebrates the best of video games, game creators, and esports. You can also expect world premieres of the most anticipated games to come.

Hosted by Geoff Keighley, this year’s awards are primed to be the largest yet. Expect to see blockbuster titles at the show including God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Marvel’s Spider-Man. Will your favourites walk home with a few awards? We’ll find out soon enough!

How do I watch The Game Awards 2018?

You can tune into the show on December 6 at 8:30 p.m. EST across many platforms and online services. Click here to find the livestream links for Twitter, Facebook Live, Twitch, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox Live, and Mixer.

The Game Awards 2018 predictions

In advance of the show, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of my award predictions. These are just my opinions as a huge gamer and fan of the games industry. So without further ado, here are my predictions for the 2018 Game Awards.

The Game Awards 2018 Award Categories:

  1. Game of the Year
  2. Best Ongoing Game
  3. Best Narrative
  4. Best Action Game
  5. Best Family Game
  6. Best Art Direction
  7. Best Role Playing Game
  8. Best Multiplayer Game
  9. Best Action/Adventure Game
  10. World Premiere Predictions


There have been major upsets in this category previously, with Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Game ending up as the big winner back in 2012. While there’s room for another game to secure victory here, my money has to be on Rockstar GamesRed Dead Redemption 2. With a gripping narrative and an open-world that feels as alive as it does large, this is a masterpiece that is unlikely to be ignored.

The Game Award winner: God of War

Rainbow Six Siege

This category is a real tossup, as there are many titles nominated (like Overwatch) that have provided us with the best long-term value in gaming. Still, Rainbow Six Siege remains one of the greatest tactical shooters of this generation. The game has shown some serious staying power, with Ubisoft soon to wrap up its third season of content. I’d wager that these highlights should help it secure the victory.

The Game Award winner: Fortnite


Red Dead Redemption 2 has to be a favourite to win this category as well, but I feel God of War deserves this nod. The game is a masterclass in roping you in with its Norse-based narrative and memorable cast of characters. It’s especially impressive how Kratos was completely reimagined to be a more likeable and nuanced father figure instead of his traditional one-dimensional vengeful self. The character growth between Kratos’ older games to this is nothing short of astonishing. God of War is truly a showcase PlayStation 4 title that deserves the nod for drastically changing the typical anti-hero into a more relatable character.

The Game Award winner: Red Dead Redemption 2

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Far_Cry 5

There’s something simultaneously absurd and enlightening about Far Cry 5’s setting of Hope County, Montana. Together, the psychotic residents occupying the land and the unsettled wildlife create an environment of complete and utter unpredictability. Throw in helicopters and semi-trucks equipped with machine guns and the resulting action is nothing short of the very best to grace consoles in 2018.

The Game Award winner: Dead Cells


The sequel to Overcooked is a standout multiplayer title that makes frantic food prep a much more engaging premise. Working together with up to three other “chefs” (a term I use lightly since a cat is a playable character), teamwork is the name of the game. The result of this couch co-op favourite should leave you hungry for more, and that’s exactly why it deserves a win in the Best Family Game category.

The Game Award winner: Overcooked 2

6Best Art Direction: Octopath Traveler

This exclusive Nintendo Switch title by Square Enix rightfully turned a lot of heads upon its reveal thanks to its revolutionary 2D-HD art design, combining gorgeous pixel art with HD graphics. This impressive aesthetic, combined with its deep, traditional, turn-based combat, are two big reasons why gamers speak so highly of Octopath. The focus on blending pixel art with 3D environments should secure a win for Octopath Traveler in the Best Art Direction category.

The Game Award winner: Return of the Obra Dinn


Dragon Quest XI is another PlayStation 4 exclusive sitting as a favourite to win at this year’s The Game Awards. The game is loaded to the brim with more than 100 hours of content, has striking anime-esque cinematic visuals, and possesses arguably the best voice acting in a JRPG this entire gen. Let’s not forget, too, the more than 700 monsters designed by legendary Japanese artist Akira Toriyama, including the lovable Slimes and iconic Trolls.

The Game Award winner: Monster Hunter World


As the most popular game in the world today, Fortnite has to be a clear choice for the Best Multiplayer Game of 2018. As a pioneer of the Battle Royale genre that led to crossplay between Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, this pick-up-and-play shooter has rightfully become a staple of the industry. Epic Games deserves this award for breaking into the mainstream audience with this incredibly popular shooter.

The Game Award winner: Fortnite


It’s safe to say most of us at one point or another have dreamed of swinging around New York as Spider-Man. Well, Insomniac Games has made that fantasy a reality with their critically acclaimed PlayStation exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man. Providing you with the most realistic and adventurous superhero game ever created, Marvel’s Spider-Man will no doubt receive its dues during The Game Awards. As a result, it should have the Best Action/Adventure Game category locked up.

The Game Award winner: God of War

10World Premiere Predictions

While speculating on which titles will win awards is challenging enough, trying to guess what World Premiere game announcements will happen is much more daunting. That’s because it’s mostly guesswork, although looking back at prior year announcements it’s safe to make some educational guesses. Take the following with a grain of salt, here are my thoughts on what reveals we might see:

Metroid Prime 4Prediction: Metroid Prime 4 Trailer and Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch Port

One of the most hotly anticipated games coming to Nintendo Switch is Metroid Prime 4. The long-awaited follow-up debuted its logo during E3 2017, but not much has been seen of the game since. I predict we’ll see an update on the series during the show, but it’s not the one we’re thinking.

While I think we’ll get a small Metroid Prime 4 gameplay trailer, I expect the larger announcement will be a Metroid Prime Trilogy port coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019. Much like how Bayonetta 1 and 2 got us all set to play Bayonetta 3, a Metroid Prime Trilogy would get us “primed” for the next big entry in Nintendo’s acclaimed action-adventure series.

Death-StrandingPrediction: Death Stranding Will Finally Get a Release Date

The creative genius behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Hideo Kojima, has been hard at work on Death Stranding for several years now. While details on the game are light at this point, we do know it’s coming exclusively to PlayStation 4, and stars Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen. That’s a rather short list of what’s “known,” so hopefully The Game Awards sheds light on when to expect this title to arrive.

Super_Smash_Bros_Fighters_PassPrediction: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s First Fighters Pass Character

You may be confused why I didn’t mention Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the above award categories. Well, that’s because it’s arriving after the Game Awards airs and therefore doesn’t qualify. Still, with the game’s release looming, speculation is running rampant about which characters will make it into the game as downloadable content next year.

We know Piranha Plant is arriving as a free downloadable character in February 2019, but Nintendo still has five more characters to reveal. Keeping that in mind, there’s no better place to reveal one of them at this year’s The Game Awards.

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