Like the game’s world, The Last Of Us 2’s development is nearing its end.

The Last Of Us Part 2 is getting close to the end of its development cycle, according to the development team working on Naughty Dog’s title.

The Last Of Us Part 2 will see Joel and Ellie reprise their roles as the game’s protagonists, although fans remain skeptical about how big Joel’s part in the story will be. He’ll definitely be present, though, as a recent tweet from Naughty Dog Vice President Neil Druckmann indicated that the much-anticipated PlayStation 4 game had wrapped mo-cap recordings of both characters.

Now, a new tweet from the Co-Game Director at Naughty Dog has put out the call for several development team positions. The tweet also mentions that the new hires will be helping to “close out” the game’s development, which indicates the developer is putting the finishing touches on The Last Of Us Part 2.

Cody’s Take:

The Last Of Us 2 is a major release and a game that Sony will be leaning on heavily since it won’t be attending E3 2019 this year. Recent hints that the game’s nearing the end of its development cycle means it could be the centrepiece for Sony’s 2020 schedule prior to the launch of PS5. TLOU2 could just be the final great Sony exclusive before closing out this console generation.

If that’s the case, we should expect Naughty Dog to release a big update on The Last Of Us 2 sooner rather than later. The studio has clearly made a lot of progress on the title, and the PS4 could use another enticing exclusive in the next year. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a release date for The Last Of Us 2 in the coming months, and you won’t need Listen Mode to hear the excitement that generates for one of the most tantalizing exclusives of this generation.

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