Odds are your kids made it on the “Nice List” this year, which means you’ve got some shopping to do! But between decorating the house, school concerts, and entertaining, there’s not much time (or budget!) left for the behind-the-scenes reconnaissance needed to pull off a holiday they’ll remember. Luckily, we make it easy with all of the best toys of 2020 available in one spot, at affordable prices for every budget. Read on for a list of toys that’ll be on the tip of every kid’s tongue this holiday season.


If you cook, odds are you’re familiar with Tasty, the food network famous for their bird’s-eye-view cooking videos that make meal prep look easy. And if your kids are anything like mine, social media has a huge influence on their lives, even at the ripe old age of three. Enter this Tasty branded kitchen by Little Tikes. Not only does the stovetop make real cooking sounds but the pièce de résistance is a built-in, overhead smartphone holder so that your little gourmet can snap and share their recipes in true “Tasty” style.


The charm of a scaled-down house filled with miniature furniture has made the dollhouse a classic gift topping kids’ wish lists for centuries. Giving this sweet cottage by KidKraft, with its abundance of detail from the heart trim to the functioning window shutters, is sure to make this holiday a memorable one for your child. The wooden house includes 16 pieces of furniture that will provide hours of entertainment for your budding interior designer as they arrange and rearrange their dolls’ living space.


Finding the perfect gift for the toddler in your life just got easier with this shopping cart-stroller hybrid. Not only is it a great value because it’s two gifts in one (what parent doesn’t love space-saving toys?), but your tot will get a kick out of being able to push their babies around while they “shop”—just like mom and dad! Adding to the adorable stroller’s appeal is that it helps develop your toddler’s fine motor skills and the durable plastic construction is also BPA and phthalate-free.


These colourful magnetic pieces are the ideal gift for “Santa” to bring to siblings spanning a range of ages. I know from personal experience that kids as young as three can play with these alongside their eight-year-old brothers with zero arguing! The magic lies in the fact that the pieces fasten together magnetically, making them easy for little hands to manipulate, but they also lend themselves to building sophisticated 3D shapes like the “magic ball,” providing hours of entertainment for little kids and big kids, alike.


This epic LEGO set will rock the world of the Harry Potter fanatic in your life. Featuring iconic scenes from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, this set showcases the Hogwarts Clock Tower and the rooms housed within, complete with tiny quills and ink pots, potions, and icy decorations to recreate the Yule Ball. Kids will enjoy the spinning dance floor and the clock-changing mechanism that allows the eight included mini figures (in dress robes, no less) to participate in fun Time-Turner scenarios.


LEGO is always a great gift idea because it immerses your kid in imaginative play while encouraging them to expand their building skills. This LEGO Friends horse jumping set is no exception, appealing to the little animal lover in your life with its included pitchfork, hay, carrots, and grooming accessories. Your junior builder can care for the horses before the two included dolls ride them around the course in a lively competition!


Stuff your game-lover’s stocking with this twist on the classic card game, UNO. Giving the game an exciting new edge is the double-sided deck so that when a player plays the “Flip” card, he and all other players must flip their hands, the deck, and the draw pile, revealing a fresh set of numbers and colours—and a whole new game!


Your kids will love this angry alpaca named Mac! To play, turn Mac’s head toward the first player and press down to set the timer. The player then has five seconds to stack a piece of cargo on Mac’s back, but they’d better watch out—he gets spitting mad if time runs out before the cargo is stacked. Should the alpaca get aggravated he might just spit water right at them! The game gets more challenging as the pile of cargo grows, making it fun for players of all ages.


We love giving and receiving games as gifts at our house, and we already have plans to pick up this one for the holidays. A contemporary twist on the classic favourite, Pictionary Air has players using the stylus to draw blindly in the air. It hooks up to your smart device so that the player and their drawing appear on the screen of your tablet or smartphone—or cast it onto your smart TV for even bigger laughs!


Play-Doh is a go-to holiday gift around here because kids LOVE it and it’s affordable! The mini sculptors on your list will enjoy making ice cream cones with this special Colour Burst Play-Doh that’s specially formulated to give their creations an eye-catching, multicoloured swirl effect. I like this set in particular because the treats are created by simply rolling the Play-Doh, making it’s easy for even the smallest hands to make colourful, cool creations!


Forget a horse—this coach is pulled by a unicorn! This toy is so cute that even if there’s no toddler in your house, you’ll be searching for one to gift it to! The magical unicorn moves from side to side with a realistic “clip-clop” sound as she ferries her passenger to the ball (or playground), in style. Parents will appreciate that it converts from a parent-driven coach to a child-driven ride by simply removing the floorboard, ensuring years of playtime fun!


Your little glamazon will be absolutely thrilled when she unwraps this DIY custom manicure set on Christmas morning. Once she pops one of the five trendy designs into the stamper, the press of a button stamps the nail with a perfect pattern every time! The stamper comes with supplies to decorate 125 nails (refills are available), and I love that it can accommodate all nail sizes so even the tiniest nails can be decorated!


Gift your little artist a bit of nostalgia from your youth with this retro-style Lite-Brite. Just as in the original, your kid has the option of plugging the coloured pegs into an existing template or going rogue and flexing their creative muscle for a light-up design all their own. Improvements to the eighties version include a flatter, sleeker tablet, pegs that are designed to shine brighter, and four different light modes, from steady to blinking.

Capitalizing on the surprise egg element of the wildly popular Hatchimals (if you were a parent or grandparent during holiday 2016, you’ll know what I’m talking about), this puzzle comes packaged in a speckled egg just like the original toy. The “surprise” component is simply that you don’t know which of the four Hatchimal character puzzles you’re going to get until you put it together! Stuff this in your preschooler’s stocking for a cute activity that you can do together once all the holiday excitement has died down.


The slime craze looks like it’s here to stay. Seems to me like 99.9999999% of the grade school population loves making and playing with slime, at least in my area! That being said, this DIY slime set with ingredients to make several different types of the gooey stuff (including crunchy slime), is very likely to go down in history as one of their favourite gifts (if not THE favourite gift), of all time.


If your preschool-aged kids tend to draw on everything BUT paper, then this is the gift for them. Boys and girls will delight in putting their mark on these adorable little pets. Once they’re finished colouring unique coats for each dog and cat, they’ll love washing away their handiwork in the accompanying scrub tub so they can create all over again!


Toy experts are predicting that these dolls, aimed at preschoolers and kindergarteners, will be the Hatchimal-level hot toy of holiday 2019! And, they’ve got a good reason to think so—the company behind them is the same company that introduced Shopkins five years ago (Marsha Mellow even has Shopkins marshmallow baubles in her hair). Either way, your young kid will love these large, free-standing dolls for their sparkly eyes, their bobbleheads, and the fact that they can actually eat their treats! Feed Marsha Mellow a bite of her cake pop and watch the marshmallows come up through the straw of her Babycino!


These masters of reconnaissance led by Sarge, will march off the big screen and straight into your kiddo’s heart! If your little one loves Buzz, Woody, and the gang, then they’ll get a kick out of Bucket O Soldiers. The set comes with 72 film-accurate green army guys (based on actual Disney PIXAR digital data!), including two with working parachutes. Once they’ve accomplished their mission, the whole army fits back inside their sturdy plastic bucket for convenient storage.


With this electronic gauntlet straight out of the Avengers: Endgame movie, your super hero-loving kid can wield the power of the Infinity Stones for ultimate control of the galaxy. Press the button on the fist to light up the centre stone and cue thunderous sound FX that will make them feel like they’re actually battling Thanos alongside their favourite Avengers heroes.


Give the kid who’s thrilled by the combination of big trucks, noise, and destruction, one of these Monster Dirt sets to cement your status as coolest grown-up ever. The life-like Monster Dirt (from the makers of kinetic sand) makes this set come alive and gives your young one a whole new way to play with Monster Jam trucks! Kids can mimic the conditions at Monster Jam by building realistic-looking ramps for the die-cast metal Monster Truck to jump.


This fun truck is the younger kid’s answer to Monster Jam. Your little daredevil will get a kick out of cranking Demo Dukes’s throttle to send him into head-on collisions and watching him get banged up. He can choose to keep crashing or he can press the repair button to watch the truck magically repair itself before his eyes! In addition to its cool demolition and repair feature, kids will love the truck’s hilarious personality that comes across in more than 100 sounds and phrases.


Hot Wheels have been popular for generations for a reason—the classic miniature cars provide endless hours of battery-free fun! I appreciate this track because not only does the gravitational pull allow for some fast and furious stunts, but the sprawl is vertical (50 inches up the wall with the help of specially formulated, paint-safe 3M Command strips), instead of horizontal—across my living room. What’s even more ingenious is that once kids are finished playing, the set folds up against itself with track and car storage built right into the wall brackets!


I absolutely love the My Life 18” dolls from Walmart because not only do they have cute faces and beautiful hair, but the price isn’t as cost-prohibitive as other 18” doll brands. Dolls are integral to child development because they help kids learn how to care for others and they encourage them to use their imaginations as they place their dolls in different scenarios. This pyjama-clad doll makes a particularly fun gift because she’s dressed for what has become an exciting rite of passage for grade-school kids—a sleepover!

The covetable line of accompanying accessories for the My Life 18” dolls will have your little one wishing they came in her size! I can’t get enough of this sweet travel set including a travel pillow with cat ears, a miniature boarding pass, and a rolling carry-on that actually opens. Look for fun accessories for almost any scenario that your little one and her doll can dream up!


What little kid wouldn’t be thrilled by a set of twins!? Geared toward younger kids, these life-like baby dolls with soft cloth bodies encourage non-stop hugging. They’re a great gift for the little mommy or daddy in your life and personally, I like that they’re simple, old-school dolls that require your child to use their imagination. Their high quality also makes them an unbeatable value!


Nerf is always a safe bet when it comes to older kids who straddle the line between wanting toys versus more grown-up gifts. Setting this Nerf gun apart from the rest, is its ability to shoot three Nerf Elite darts at once from an ejecting shell, for super fast dart-blasting action. The gun can hold five shells in the stock for speedy reloading, to ensure that your kid hits their fast-moving target (aka, dad leaving for work in the morning), on their first round.


These days “blind bags,” “surprise eggs,” and “mystery figures” reign supreme when it comes to kids’ toys and L.O.L. Surprise! dolls are at the centre of the mystery toy world. I like the new L.O.L. Boys dolls because boys can finally get in on the unwrapping fun (although mine has always “overseen” the unwrapping of his sisters’). Each of the L.O.L. Boys is the brother of one of the iconic, fan favourite L.O.L. dolls and like their sisters, they come with a bunch of surprises to open including shoes, accessories, and more!


Consider these the equivalent to L.O.L. Surprise dolls for the kid who’s more into baby dolls, than fashion dolls. The small size and sweet packaging make it an ideal stocking stuffer and your preschooler will love discovering all the surprises! Start by unwrapping the real fabric blankie to reveal what the baby looks like, and whether it’s a boy or a girl (according to the colour of its bottle). Use water to reveal their eye colour and feed them water from their bottle to see their diaper change colour.


The Glamper Camper is the ultimate gift for an L.O.L. fan—and one of THE top trending toys of 2019. Stocked with more than 55 surprises and an exclusive doll, the first L.O.L. vehicle features a detachable car with working headlights and horn, a two-storey water slide, a fashion runway, a DJ booth, and beds for both standard size L.O.L. dolls and one L.O.L. Surprise O.M.G. doll. One thing’s for sure, this gift will go down in (her)story!


One night at dinner my four-year-old daughter told me the three things she loves most in life are unicorns, rainbows, and mermaids, so this weird and wonderful slime toy from Poopsie proves that they really know their demographic. They had her at the packaging! If your kid’s anything like mine she’ll delight in opening the golden unicorn horn to reveal a crushable glitter horn inside. Once crushed, the horn forms a pile of glitter to mix into the enclosed slime for magical sparkle slime!


Bathroom humour? Check. Glitter? Check. Slime? Check. This whacky toy ticks all the boxes when it comes to gifts that grade school kids will be into. They’ll love feeding the adorable long-lashed llama her Llama Food slime powder and sitting her on her glitter toilet where she will proceed to “poop” sparkly slime. The toy comes packaged in a can with a number of surprises including a t-shirt and diaper for the llama to wear, and a collectible poop keychain.


This gift is sure to be a hit this holiday season because it not only features all of the pretty, pink fun that is Barbie, but the plane also satisfies the imaginations of kids who are intrigued by the idea of travel. Your kid can take the plane taxi down the runway on wheels or they can open the sides to reveal reclining seats, overhead compartments, and a snack cart for a whole other dimension of make-believe (even if it is more reflective of Kardashian-style travel than your kid’s actual first plane ride).


Polly Pocket toys are proof that the best things really do come in the smallest packages. I love the contemporary redux of Polly Pocket toys from the nineties, partly for their sentimentality (I used to sneak into my much younger sister’s room to steal hers), and as a parent I appreciate their portability, making them great take-along toys for car rides and vacations. Each Big Pocket World compact opens to reveal a different location and comes with cute accessories and a micro figure.


No actual gardening skills are required for these unique dolls that perpetuate the trend of surprise toys—but with a twist! All your kid has to do is water the flower pot with the enclosed watering can to watch their Blume Doll magically “bloom” before their eyes. Popping up through the “soil” first is her outrageous, interchangeable hairdo. Once the doll emerges, open the flower pot to reveal a number of additional surprises including an outfit, accessories, and even a tiny friend!


“Hey Google, play Into the Unknown, volume 100,” will be the request on every kid’s lips once Disney’s Frozen II hits theatres this holiday season. Save your sanity by wrapping up this singing Elsa doll who belts out a snippet of the soon-to-be hit. As if that wasn’t enough to mesmerize your own little princess, pressing the button on Elsa’s bodice lights up her beautiful blue dress!


Your wannabe hairdresser will love giving baby their first haircut with the newest Baby Alive Doll. Brush her bangs with the included brush to make them grow, then use the magic scissors to “cut” them and make them shorter again. While the hair growing feature is enough to thrill the little ones on your list, she also talks, and personally, I love her trendy hair accessories like cat ears, bows and customizable barrettes.


This game system gets an A+ from parents and kids alike. Kids like it for its big-kid brand of entertainment by way of fun games, virtual pets to care for, and the internal MP3 player that lets them control their own music. We like it because it means they aren’t toting around our expensive tablet, the games are educational, and it doesn’t need Wi-Fi so kids can be entertained for as long as we need them to be, without sending us into data overage!


A singing, light-up unicorn whose makeup you can do might just be at the intersection of every little girl’s wildest dreams. Enter Myla the Magical Unicorn. I think this toy is a great idea for the no-mess makeup aspect alone (I learned the hard way that breakable palette-style eyeshadows and kids don’t mix). All your mini MUA has to do is touch the wand to the colour on the accompanying colour palette then touch it to Myla’s eyes, wings and horn, to change them accordingly. The unicorn also talks and sings songs so that your little one learns about colour as she plays.


If you’re looking for a great first “big kid” toy for your little kid, look no further than this interactive train set. A lot of train sets with rigid tracks are hard for little hands to manipulate, but the Go! Go! Smart Wheels set includes a bendable track that is not only easy to assemble but allows for a variety of configurations. Once built your child will love watching the freight engine power around the track from the water tower to the crane where his cargo is lifted out.


If this list is any indication, sloths may not be superseding the almighty unicorn when it comes to the sheer number of toys, but the two creatures are neck-and-neck for the trendy animal of 2019. Leading the charge is Fisher-Price, which has come out with this cute-as-can-be Smooth Moves Sloth. Helping to develop your baby’s gross motor and sensory skills, the friendly-faced toy lights up and sings songs, but making it extra cute is that when it detects other Linkimals friends nearby, they put on a synchronized music and light show.


Aside from the fact that any toddler would delight in receiving such a fun gift, the long days of winter are looming and this ride-on pup will make a great addition to your play room when the weather prevents you from getting outdoors. Kids can choose to either bounce or spin 360 degrees while they listen to educational songs and phrases.


Raise your hand if you had the Fisher-Price Little People Farm when you were little! I remember being OBSESSED with ours and would happily give this new version to the toddlers on my list. If the barn door that “mooed” when it opened knocked your socks off then, get a load of the sensory experiences offered in this updated version: kids can press the button to cue songs and phrases, turn the corn crops in the silo, hatch the chicks, and ring the real bell to signal dinner time!


The YouTube phenom now has his own line of toys available exclusively at Walmart and as you might have guessed, many of them revolve around the element of surprise, including this safe. The large safe will keep your kid busy opening, unlocking, and assembling all of the surprises within, including the biggest surprise locked in a secret compartment. Once they’re finished “unboxing,” kids can use the safe to keep their treasures secure!

If you’ve got a preschooler at home and are looking for a big reaction when it comes to their gift this holiday season, you can count on the PAW Patrol Mobile Pit Stop to bring it! Kids can open the back ramp, giving Chase and his race car access for a quick tune-up or press the transform button and watch as the vehicle transforms into a command centre. Load any of the Ready, Race, Rescue Pups and their Vehicles into the launcher so they can race to their next rescue!

PJ Masks are on their way to save the (holi)day! The PJ Seeker vehicle’s entertainment value is through the roof because it provides so many play options. Kids can activate the searchlight and capture their enemies with the included disc launcher or trap them in the detachable cage! For quick pursuit, kids can release the car from the carrier, and when they’re done, they can store everything inside for easy clean-up.


This mixer set makes a great gift because it’s super cute and it inspires kids to use their imaginations by making their own sounds, but what really sets it apart (from the glut of plastic toys), is its wooden construction. Our house is by no means perfect but we do what we can to be more mindful of plastic waste, so we love Melissa & Doug products. Plus your little one will enjoy having a stand-mixer just like mom and dad’s!


What better gift to give for the holidays than the one of love and laughter? Everyone’s favourite Sesame Street character is at it again but this time when you push Elmo’s tummy, he raises his arms and asks for a hug! Hug him and he’ll respond with a song, a phrase or a kiss. I love this toy because it teaches kids empathy and kindness.


Even the smallest kids can take part in the excitement surrounding Disney’s Frozen movies with this Frozen play set including Elsa and Olaf figures. Kids will love pressing a button to “grow the castle” just like the scene in the first movie, while another button cues the famous song, Let It Go. I am totally behind giving Frozen toys as gifts because I appreciate that the movie deemphasizes romance and focuses instead on the love between sisters as the most important relationship!

These dolls are not only affordably priced, but they are so refreshing, making the perfect gift for any young girl on your list! I am so glad my daughter can choose from Barbies that are not only more reflective of real-life body types, but that focus on aspirational careers as well. This Barbie Careers Doctor doll is dressed for a day of seeing patients. Kids will love her stethoscope and lab coat.


These lovable little scruff balls have been reinvented with an interactive edge just in time for the holidays. Like their predecessors, Real Rescue Scruff-a-Luvs arrive as a ball of matted fur, requiring your kid’s care and compassion to take them from scruffy to fluffy. But these pets provide a more realistic rescue experience by responding to your little one’s nurturing care with whimpers, shivers, and hiccups—just like a real vet!

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