Ever wonder what types of bikes are out there? Our bicycle buying guide gives you the 101 to help you choose wisely

If you’re looking to find out what type of bicycle is best for you, you’ve come to the right place! In the world of cycling, there are plenty of different bikes to choose from. It can be a ‘tiring’ experience for the unprepared, so we’ve detailed a variety of bicycle types to help you find the best bicycle match.

Bicycling is a great way to get outdoors, have a good workout, and commute in an eco-friendly manner. There’s a lot more to bikes than just two wheels and a pedal—several different types exist, each with unique purposes. Here’s an overview of the bikes you’ll be cycling through at Walmart Canada.

Types of bikes:

  1. Adult cruiser bikes
  2. Adult tricycles
  3. City bikes
  4. Electric bikes
  5. Fixed gear bikes
  6. Folding bikes
  7. Hybrid bikes
  8. Road bikes

Adult cruiser bikes

Adult Cruiser BikesCruiser bikes are built for comfort: they have larger seating and sloping handlebars to keep you in an upright position. The frames for cruiser bikes are on the heavier side, so they generally come with thicker tires to support the weight. These bikes are great for commuting short distances, visiting friends, and running errands. Due to their heavy weight, cruiser bikes aren’t suited for offroad trails.



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Adult tricycles

Adult tricyclesAdult-tricycles focus on balance and safety, making them a great option if you prioritize these features above all else. Tricycles often have low frames to help you get on and off the seat easier. They also typically have large storage baskets, ideal for when you pick up groceries or do light shopping.


City bikes

City BikesCity bikes are the perfect answer for short trips in an urban environment. They’re built to handle flat trips through a variety of weather conditions, making them a great option for year-round commuters in a city environment. With upright seating and a larger saddle, these heavier-framed city bikes thrive in flat urban environments as opposed to rough, hilly terrain.


Electric bikes

Electric-bikesIf you’re looking for an electric bike, Walmart has plenty of modern options! These battery-powered bicycles are capable of maintaining speeds up to 35km/h from battery power alone. Electric bikes are an excellent option for commuters or anyone going over hilly terrain. Some of them are foldable, too, facilitating easy indoor storage after reaching your destination!


Fixed gear bikes

Fixed gear bikesFixed-gear-bikes are a trendy option that remains popular across Canada. These bikes have a single-gear design, which is nice for beginner cyclists and commuters who don’t want to bother changing gears. Since they have a simple gear structure, fixed gear bikes are lighter—great for carrying your bicycle indoors or over obstacles.


Folding bikes

Folding-bikesOnce you’ve travelled to or from your destination, safely storing your bicycle can sometimes be a challenge. Enter folding bikes: these frames are designed to be folded, allowing you to store the bicycle in tighter locations. This style of bike is great if you don’t have a lot of space at home or don’t want to leave your bicycle outdoors. The process of folding these bicycles is quick and intuitive, making them a great option for space-conscious cyclers!


Hybrid bikes

Hybrid bikesHybrid-bikes combine properties from cruiser bikes, road bikes, and city bikes making them a great all-around option. Some feature the upright seating and straight handlebars of cruiser bikes, combined with the thinner frame of road bikes. There’s a great variety of hybrid bikes out there, all striking a great balance between the properties of other bicycles.


Road bikes

Road bikesRoad-bikes are built for speed and style, great for rides across flat, paved surfaces. The light frames, narrow tires, and low handlebars allow you to pick up speed quickly while maintaining control at high speeds. Road bikes are a great option if you’re looking to exercise, have faster commutes, or embark on fun rides over paved surfaces.

There’s a bountiful selection of bicycles out there, but once you’ve found the right one there’s still a few safety tips to remember: always wear a helmet, and obey the traffic laws if you’re cycling on the road! It’s also a great idea to have a tire pump handy to maintain appropriate air pressure in your tires over time!

Have fun, and happy cycling—we’re wheelie-excited for you!

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