We all know that one person that makes amazing food. Whether it’s your best friend that throws Instagram-worthy dinner parties, your next-door neighbour that bakes the most amazing cookies or your significant other that loves surprising you with his newest signature dish, say thanks for all those delicious meals with the perfect gift. And you’ll find it in this roundup of 40 gift ideas for home cooks.


If you know a home cook that often needs to have supper on the table in record time, the Instant Pot is here to help. The combination pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and sauté pot streamlines the cooking process to make amazing meals faster. The large 6 quart size makes it easy for a busy parent to feed the whole family, and the black stainless version adds instant style to the kitchen counter, too.


There’s nothing better than stopping by a good friend’s house for a cup of coffee and some chitchat. If you spend most of your mornings visiting with a friend or neighbour, say thank you for the companionship by surprising them with the brand new Keurig K-Duo! This sleek new Keurig features a single cup brewer on one side and a carafe brewer on the other, so your friend can make up a full pot when you come over and just a cup when you don’t.


Does your best friend or coworker start off every day with a breakfast smoothie? They’ll love how easy it is to whip up new varieties with this 17-piece Magic Bullet Set. With three blades, six cups and various accessories, the Magic Bullet can go from blending up healthy green smoothies in the morning to margaritas at night, all with a handy single serve design perfect for people on the go.


Making the perfect cup of tea is an art, but it’s a whole lot easier with this unique Christmas gift. Any friend that loves their afternoon tea will be excited to receive this beautiful electric glass kettle that comes complete with a removable stainless steel tea infuser. Just fill the infuser with loose tea leaves, pop it in and enjoy an entire carafe of delicious tea.


Part of the fun of cooking is experimenting with new recipes and techniques. And for the chef that loves trying new food trends, the Salton Grill & Raclette is one of the most unique gifts for home cooks you’ll find! The top of the grill cooks veggies and meat, while the bottom trays melt cheese in the classic raclette style to pour on top. Serving up food this way will make any home cook the talk of her party.


A true foodie knows that some meals NEED to be deep fried. And with this double deep fryer, cooking up a few favourite fried foods is easier than ever. Your fast food fan will love being able to make fried chicken in one basket and onion rings in the other. Or, for that big party, they can switch out the two small baskets for one large one for a jumbo batch of appetizers.


Do you know a home cook that dreams of re-creating those creamy Starbucks beverages at home? They’ll be sipping pretty when you surprise them with the Keurig K-Latte. The machine makes single serve coffees and lattes in minutes using any K-Cup pods and the included milk frother, for a customized drink every time. French Vanilla with soy milk? Caramel Drizzle with 2%? It’s as easy as pressing a button.


Even the most dedicated cook can sometimes get a little tired of chopping, slicing and dicing. The Cuisinart 11 Cup Food Processor does all that prep in a fraction of the time, to let a home cook do what they do best…make delicious food! The processor includes blades for chopping and grating, as well as a slicing blade with an adjustable width. And the large 11-cup size means it’s easy to prep food for the whole family or a large party.


Winter weather is soup weather. And soup is so much better when it’s homemade. Treat the chef that’s always surprising you with delicious soups to this Kitchen Aid Hand Blender that will let them puree those smooth soups to creamy perfection easily. And for the cook that makes the most dream-worthy gravy, it’s also a great tool for blending out any lumps in sauces.


The blender is often the most frustrating appliance in the kitchen, especially for anyone that loves mixing up holiday cocktails! But where other blenders jam up and stop working, the Ninja Blender powers through, blending even the toughest ingredients perfectly. Cocktail creators can crush ice, blend frozen fruit and more to ensure each drink is mixed to perfection. The blender lid even features a pouring spout for easy serving.


For the home cook that’s always beating up a cake batter or kneading a batch of bread dough, the KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer will be their new favourite appliance. It’s 20% smaller and 25% lighter than the classic stand mixer, but has the same power and fits all the same attachments! Whipping up a batch of cookies or mixing that sweet dough for cinnamon buns will be so much easier with this powerhouse in the kitchen. And with a rainbow of colours to choose from, every baker loves showing off this mixer.

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For some people, enjoying the leftovers from an amazing meal is almost as good as enjoying the meal itself. If you know a cook that loves devouring leftovers after a big dinner party, the Panasonic 1.3CF Microwave makes a great Christmas gift. Its large size lets a home chef reheat food for the whole family, and the Auto Cook and Auto Defrost options help ensure leftovers are heated just right when everyone digs in.


When kitchen counter space is limited, a new appliance really has to earn its spot. And the Kitchen Aid Mini Food Processor does that! A small kitchen cook will love having this handy little food chopper on hand to quickly chop vegetables, puree fruit and mix sauces. The 3.5 cup bowl is just big enough to handle ingredients for the average recipe, and any chef will love having one in a vibrant colour to match their kitchen.


The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of BBQ season with this grill in the house. BBQ lovers will appreciate the large cooking surface that accommodates up to eight portions. And the grill’s grid system drains fat away from food for healthier meals that still have that addictive barbeque flavour. Best of all, the grill’s two-sided press lets your BBQ fan enjoy their favourite meals cooked in record time during the busy holiday season.


For the cook that has menus planned out months in advance, this Crockpot slow cooker is the perfect accessory to help streamline meal prep even more. From creating freezer bags of ingredients that can be dumped in the slow cooker for quick meals to filling up the removable stone insert the night before and keeping it in the fridge for tomorrow’s dinner, this programmable slow cooker helps any meal planner save even more time.


In the world of cookware, copper has a very special place thanks to its ability to conduct heat quickly and evenly. That means making finicky foods like delicate sauces is easier, as the pan holds the correct temperature. So give that special saucier this 10-piece set that includes two copper dishes along with bonus utensils, a fry basket and a steamer insert. Making amazing Hollandaise will be easier than ever, and the accessories will let home cooks experiment with all the other benefits of cooking with copper.


For the chef that believes a perfect meal is more science than art, this folding kitchen scale helps ensure perfect proportions of every ingredient for exact results every time. The folding design takes up minimal space in the kitchen, and using it is as easy as opening it up and adding a bowl of ingredients. The tare feature even lets that oh-so-exacting chef remove the weight of the bowl from the total weight for spot-on measurements every time.


A good apron is important for every cook, but especially for a cook that does a lot of messy kitchen work. From frying bacon to baking bread, some cooking jobs just naturally cause splatters and spills more than others. And this unisex country-style apron protects clothes while looking great at the same time. Available in various colours, it’s a gift that will have a home cook excited to roll up their sleeves and get in the kitchen as soon as they pull it on.


Keeping essential kitchen tools organized can be hard sometimes…especially for a chef that loves having all the latest gadgets. This Cuisinart knife set helps take clutter off the kitchen counter with its included in-drawer knife tray that keeps those essential knives protected, accessible and, best of all, neatly tucked away. It contains all the basic knives a chef needs, organized for easy access when cooking.


Everyone loves a perfectly grilled steak fresh off the BBQ, but passionate meat eaters know that steak it truly at its best when cooked just right in a cast iron skillet. This large skillet from Lodge will create a perfect sear on that favourite cut of meat, and the pan can then be transferred to the oven to finish it to just the right doneness.


Some cooks love to make things up as they go, and others prefer following their favourite recipes exactly. If you know a cook that favours the latter, there’s no better kitchen gadget to give than this gorgeous cookbook holder. The best thing about it is that when it’s not being used to help whip up grandma’s famous pot pie, it still looks great on the counter as a pretty piece of kitchen décor.


The friend that always brings the best treats to your annual cookie exchange or bake sale will love adding this pretty silicone baking mat to their cupboard. The two-sided mat features a size guide for cookies and biscuits on one side and a cupcake pattern on the other. Cookies bake more evenly with perfectly browned bottoms, no parchment paper or greasing needed. And even if your cookie hero already has one, they’ll always appreciate another.


A good set of tongs is the multi-tasking hero that every kitchen needs. And for the home cook that believes kitchen tools should be versatile, this inexpensive little essential is a great gift. The tongs have an anti-slip grip and come in handy for everything from tossing salads to flipping steaks to serving up French fries. Plus, the pull tab at the top holds them closed so they don’t take up all the drawer space.


Sometimes a home chef cares about looks almost as much as functionality. And the Tasty cookware set provides both! The stunning red colour of the cookware is sure to impress any stylish sautéer, while the non-stick titanium reinforced ceramic coating will make cooking up the perfect meal a breeze. Containing four pots with lids and two pans, the lucky cook with this set may just be inspired to start making their own Tasty videos.


A kitchen with a coffee bar is always impressive, and that friend that’s been perfecting their skim milk foam and latte art will love showcasing their own coffee nook with the Ninja Coffee Brewer Deluxe! The machine brews six sizes and has exclusive brewing modes for Iced Coffee, Specialty Coffee and more. The included milk frother then lets the home barista whip up frothy cappuccinos and lattes with the push of a button.


It’s hard for a young adult to indulge their love of cooking when attending university. Between heavy class loads and tiny apartments, many don’t have the time or space to cook. But this compact little microwave can help your favourite young cook quickly whip up food that will keep them out of the school cafeteria…and hopefully keep off the freshman 15. With six auto-cooking menu options, it can be used for cooking, steaming or reheating for good meals in limited space.


A home cook that loves a good salad knows just how much prep work goes into creating what seems like a simple side dish. But the Brilliant Veggie Salad Spinner can help streamline the process! The unique design lets a cook add water to the spinner to wash greens, spin the basket to dry, and drain out excess water…all without ever removing the lid. A veggie-loving chef will love how much quicker they can get that tasty salad on the table.


Nothing makes a dessert better like a scoop of ice cream. And nothing makes a good dessert into a great one like adding homemade ice cream! For the chef that loves creating restaurant-worthy desserts to end a meal, this easy-to-use ice cream maker is a dream kitchen gadget. Your dessert-loving cook will be able to make gourmet homemade ice cream in just 30 minutes, letting them serve desserts that will be the star of any dinner party.


As much as a person might love to cook, a crowded kitchen can interfere with that love in a big way. Overflowing cupboards, hunting for misplaced cooking tools…it’s a recipe for frustration! This pretty little utensil holder is a simple solution for your favourite overcrowded chef, letting them put their favourite cooking tools in easy reach on the kitchen counter.


A good pair of kitchen shears come in handy for all kinds of cooking tasks, but they’re especially handy for quickly chopping fresh herbs. So if you know a home cook that swears their indoor herb garden is needed for every meal, surprise them with this must-have kitchen gadget. Chopping herbs will take just seconds, and the shears are also great for cutting up bacon, parting a chicken and even slicing pizza.


Treat a new home cook that’s just starting to stock their kitchen with this gorgeous Christmas gift. The 8-Piece Copper Cookware Set has three pots and one frying pan with lids, all featuring a stunning copper coating and non-stick ceramic interior. When it comes to gift ideas for someone who likes to cook, this set will have any aspiring chef wanting to rush to the kitchen.


A good Dutch oven is a must in any kitchen, but it’s especially handy for classic French dishes like Coq au Vin and Ratatouille. If you know a home cook that’s working on perfecting their French cuisine, this gorgeous enameled cast iron pot will be an immediate essential. It goes from stovetop to oven for perfectly braised dishes, and is also great for deep frying and those hearty slow-simmering stews.


It may seem like an obvious gift, but anyone that spends a lot of time baking tasty cakes for others appreciates having a good set of measuring cups in the kitchen. And even cooks that already own a set know it’s handy to have another. These classic measuring cups nest in one another to save space and have a durable stainless steel design.


Healthified recipes are all the rage right now, and a home cook that loves finding healthier ways to make favourite foods will fall in love with this versatile air fryer. Its 12 different cooking settings can be used to cook crispy fries and apps without oil, rotisserie a chicken and even dehydrate fruits and vegetables. And the 360 degrees of circulating air ensures even cooking results every time, for the healthiest and most delicious meals imaginable.


Let your favourite chef focus on creating that perfect main course without getting distracted by the side dishes. The large capacity rice cooker automatically cooks white or brown rice, quinoa, steamed vegetables and even soups to perfection. That means the chef is free to focus on creating the perfect sear on those pork chops or getting that pan sauce seasoned just right.


For the cook that loves to add a pop of colour to the kitchen, a vibrant silicone oven mitt is a gift that’s as useful as it is beautiful. Available in six pretty colours, the silicone trim of the mitt helps provide better grip on hot pots and pans while also offering additional heat protection. It’s a kitchen must-have that’s sure to come in handy when it’s time to pull the holiday turkey out of the oven.


A home chef that’s mastered mincing and gets jazzed to julienne will always be in need of a good cutting board. Of the standard kitchen gadgets, this is one that often wears out fastest as it’s used so often. So refresh a beloved cook’s kitchen with this Faberware Bamboo Cutting Board and let them get chopping again. Bamboo resists scratching and is moisture resistant to help ensure years of even the heaviest use.


From serving up salads to beating up batters, your favourite “mix master” will love having this colourful set of three Prep and Serve bowls in the kitchen. The microwave and dishwasher-safe bowls come in three different sizes so the perfect bowl is always on hand, and the bright colours will add a touch of cheer to the kitchen counter as a home cook is whipping up a fluffy icing or filling the bowl with freshly steamed vegetables for a side.


Not everyone has the room on their kitchen counter for a full-sized stand mixer. But that doesn’t mean that the creaming, beating and whipping involved in baking tasty treats needs to be done by hand. Surprise a baker with limited space by adding a compact and powerful Kitchen Aid hand mixer to their kitchen. Its five speeds will handle everything from gently folding in dry ingredients to whipping heavy cream…all without needing a spot on the counter.


A chef who believes breakfast is the most important meal of the day will be reaching for this large multi pan again and again. The Rock technology gives the pan a durable non-stick surface that’s perfect for everything from frying eggs to making pancakes. And with a three-year warranty, this pan will be helping a breakfast-loving cook serve up delicious meal after delicious meal for years to come.

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