Four friends having fun playing video games together

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be only for couples. Spend the day with friends and show them how much they mean to you.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, but not just romantic love. For singles, it’s a beautiful day to gather friends and plan a fun afternoon or evening. Why not surprise your friend with a box of chocolates or candy?

If you’re in a relationship but prefer socializing with friends instead of a candlelit dinner, message your friends and plan a get-together. To help inspire you, we’ve brainstormed a list of fun activities you can do with friends on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Ideas with Friends

Valentine’s Day Ideas with Friends


Catch a movie

Three men wearing 3D glasses and eating snacks at a movie theatreWith the Oscars right around the corner, what better time to round up your friends and catch one of the nominated films on the big screen?

Grab a drink, pass that extra-large popcorn around and sink into your seat. There are so many awesome genres to pick from, don’t feel forced to see a rom-com just because it’s Valentine’s Day.

Action, comedy, drama—whatever your group decides, the movies are always a great option.


Potluck dinner

Group of five women laughing and eating together at a kitchen tableIf you’d prefer an evening in, why not plan an exciting potluck dinner? Each friend can swing by with a favourite dish or dessert, and you can all indulge together.

Jazz it up with a Valentine’s Day theme, such as getting heart gift bags or buying long-stem roses at a Walmart store near you.

Sending out Valentine’s Day card invitations is a nice touch, too.

Put up your decorations, set the table and throw on your favourite song playlist. There’s no better combo than good friends and good food!


Game night

Four friends having fun playing video games togetherAfter your potluck dinner or afternoon activities, consider planning an entertaining game night.

Break out the board games and see who the savviest property tycoon is with Monopoly or who has the largest Scrabble vocabulary.

If card games are more your group’s style, choose one to fit a party setting, such as Trivial Pursuit or Stuff Happens.

If your friends are like mine and into video games, then a game like Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch can get everyone involved and laughing the night away. Regardless of your choice, don’t forget the snacks—your friends will appreciate it!


Spa day

Three women in grey robes smiling at a spaHow about instead of giving your friends treats, you all treat yourselves to a luxurious spa day.

A nice day at a spa can help you unwind from your day-to-day stress and feel relaxed and that’s what I call a good Valentine’s Day!

Some spas do group discounts, so gather your besties and have an afternoon dedicated to pampering yourselves.

After a gentle back massage or 10 minutes in the sauna, you and your friends might feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

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Art or cooking class

Young couples having fun at a cooking classIf your group is feeling creative, heading out for a class can be a wonderful option.

Paint and sip art classes give you the chance to show off your painting skills—or lack thereof—over a glass of wine or pint of beer. Afterwards, compare your painting with your friends.

Another great option is a cooking class. Is learning how to make Italian pasta or Japanese tonkatsu on your bucket list?

Taking a cooking class with friends can give you a fun night to remember, and help you learn a new culinary skill to eat better at home.



Three young women doing karaoke togetherAnother fun outing is to get your friends together and hit the local karaoke bar.

There’s no shame when it comes to karaoke, so choose those guilty pleasure songs and belt them out with friends.

If the group prefers a more intimate experience, some karaoke bars offer private rooms. That way everyone can sing, dance and act like buffoons all night long without other prying eyes watching.


Road trip

Two young women in winter clothing, smiling inside a carIf you live in a big city like me, getting away with friends is a nice opportunity to relax and unwind.

Planning a weekend away from the city can be quite an exciting and adventurous feeling. While beach time is out of the question, your group can take advantage of the snow and plan a few days at a ski lodge.

Grab your warm coats, pack all your friends in the car and enjoy the slopes.


Netflix marathon

Group of four young adults eating pizza and watching TVFinally, if your Netflix queue looks anything like mine, then you probably have a long list of shows and movies you’ve been dying to catch up on.

Invite your friends over and start binging through the latest releases on Netflix.

Catch up on the latest episodes of Stranger Things, Castlevania, or GLOW—there’s no shortage of shows and movies that have become the talk of the town.

Gather everyone in the living room, call dibs for your favourite spot on the couch and whittle down the backlog, or marathon through The Office for the hundredth time.

Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with people who mean the most to you.

Make the most out of Valentine’s Day this year with your closest friends. Who knows, you may even form new traditions along the way!