cozy winter living room with plush couch, velvet cushions, soft throw, area rug, candles and natural wreath
cozy winter living room with plush couch, velvet cushions, soft throw, area rug, candles and natural wreath

The cold, short days of winter are usually inspiration enough to cancel plans and cuddle up on the couch. But this year brings even more reasons to stay safe and cozy at home. Before you hibernate, we’ve gathered a few inspiring indoor winter décor ideas to brighten up your living room, bedroom and more.

These seasonal touches add warmth and feel-good energy to your sanctuary, without breaking your budget. Get ready to enjoy movie marathons, game nights and winter afternoon naps in a space that’s warm and welcoming.

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1. Let there be (candle) light!

A scented candle’s glow adds warmth, filling your home with comforting, seasonal aroma. Pine is a classic option for conjuring cabin vibes, while apple, cinnamon and vanilla candles are sweetly-scented crowd-pleasers.

Looking to recreate the ambiance of a roaring fireplace without an actual fireplace? A cluster of pillar candles around a basket of logs amplifies winter romance, minus the soot.

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Safety Tip
Keep candles, lighters and matches out of reach from little ones, and always snuff them out before you leave the room. Or opt for flameless candles that give the same glow without the worry.

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2. Throw some texture around

Winter home décor is all about texture. Think faux furs, chunky knits or luxurious velvets. Draping a throw over your sofa or bed, or nestling one in a decorative basket adds visual delight in winter months. It’s also practical, since blankets help you stay warm without having to dial up the thermostat. A throw for every member of the house (pets included) is a good rule of thumb.

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3. Inspire pillow talk and cat naps

A couch without cushions is like a holiday dinner without dessert—just one item short of total fulfillment. Couch cushions or throw pillows are the finishing touch when it comes to a cozy living room, inviting the whole family to sit back, relax and snooze.

Whether you toss a few on a sofa, armchair or bed, pillows and cushions make great canvases for styling the season.

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Swapping your pillow covers is a quick, affordable way to change the look of your room depending on your tastes or the season.

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4. Create a reading nook

We’re all for holiday movie marathons on the sofa, but once you’ve exhausted your Netflix queue, take a page from the homebody playbook and curl up with a mug of tea and a good old-fashioned book. A stack of decorative coffee table books doubles as a great winter décor idea and an invitation to put your feet up and stay a while.

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5. Get snug with rugs

A plush area rug not only completes a room, it also keeps winter chills at bay. An area rug can be an investment, so it’s best to choose colours or patterns that work with your décor all year long. Consider natural fibres like cotton and linen in muted or overdyed versions of classic patterns, as they’re safe bets for all seasons.

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6. Think beyond the holidays

Here’s a sneaky bit of decorating advice: so long as your Christmas decorations don’t scream Dec. 25, no one will blink an eye if you leave your décor up well into January. Luckily, there are plenty of holiday décor items that nod to the season without going full North Pole. Elegant gold or LED stars, understated wreaths and cheerful pom-pom garlands will help you nail the all-season look. You can also opt for festive décor in neutral tones, or in bright colours that aren’t red, white and green.

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7. Bring the great outdoors in

Incorporating elements of winter’s beauty in your home (without actually exposing yourself to the elements) will make your home feel like a cozy cabin in the woods. Look for decorative branches to place in a large vase, or assemble earthy moss and pine cones in a wood bowl. The result is a home filled with natural elements that feels fresh and inspiring.

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8. Prepare for fun and games

With the sun setting early and a chill in the air, it’s easier to entice your family members to join you for a cozy evening of cocoa and board games. Look for options that double as coffee table décor, like beautiful wood chess boards or backgammon sets. Hopefully seeing them laid out beautifully will invite a round of good old-fashioned game play.

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9. Lay out the welcome mat

A festive door mat sets the tone for your whole home. Even if the mail carrier and courier are your only visitors this winter, they could probably use some extra cheer. Holiday-inspired mats are good for marking the season, or you can opt for a classic bristly taupe or cheeky slogan for a winter-long welcome.

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10. Set a festive table

When it comes to winter décor ideas, so much centres around the dining room table. You can find festive options for any element of the table, from napkins to dinnerware to centrepieces. It only takes one or two festive items to transform your regular setting for the holidays—good news for budget-conscious decorators. Lay down a few fresh or fresh-looking artificial garlands for an elegant and on-trend table.

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