Women’s Accessories Guide

Women’s Accessories 101

It’s often the little, added touches that make the biggest impact on your day-to-day wardrobe. You can save money on clothing and extend the life of your outfits by adding and updating accessories. Scarves, purses and fashion jewellery, to name a few accessories, are easily refreshed and replaced to reflect your changing mood and the season. For example, bright colour palettes are best for spring and summer while more neutral and earthy tones work better in the fall and winter. A patterned scarf with a little pizzazz can transform mundane outerwear into a fashion statement. Rely on the outdoor temperature to tell you when to switch from breathable fabrics to insulated layers and when to accessorize with an elegant hat or gloves. Handbags, umbrellas and even humble, grocery tote bags can benefit from an upgrade.

Types of Women’s Accessories


Purses and Handbags

Purses and handbags allow you to experiment with shapes, sizes, and colours while also carrying all of your daily essentials. If you’re investing in an everyday handbag, choosing a generic style that complements your entire wardrobe makes assembling outfits fast and easy. Handbags and clutch bags featuring solid colours and minimalist detail are versatile and classy. The more detailed and adventurous the design, the trickier it can be to match with your outfit, but certain occasions call for more verve. A clutch purse may not be a practical, everyday accessory, but it’s the ideal match for an elegant dress or other evening attire when all you need are essentials like lipstick and a compact. Leather purses last longer if properly cared for and complement a variety of wardrobe themes. Shop purses and handbags Women%e2%80%99s%20Wallets

Women’s Wallets

Some accessories have a tendency to endure longer than others, particularly ones that go mostly unseen. Chances are you tend to cling to the same wallet because you’re much more likely to replace your handbag first. When it is time to replace your wallet, look for one that’s proportional to the size of your handbags. If you prefer oversized bags and totes, an envelope or cheque book-style wallet with plenty of cardholders will fit perfectly in all of them. A compartmentalized wallet with many slots and dividers makes it easier to find your cards and cash. If you have a collection of simple, petite bags, then a mini-wallet, wristlet, or clutch wallet may suit your minimalist style. If personal security is a concern then opt for a black or dark-coloured wallet and avoid reflective gold or bright, primary colours. Shop women’s wallets Computer%20Totes

Computer Totes

A computer tote has a multi-purpose design: to protect your valuable and sensitive hardware, and to hold all of your personal items in one stylish piece of luggage. A well-designed model should carry all of your equipment and effects in a slim bag with efficient compartments. Computer totes with zippered sections and organizers allow easy access and keep contents secure. Choose a bag with a reinforced bottom that’s strong enough to handle the maximum weight of your goods when fully loaded. Look for a practical size that fits snug to your body and features comfortable straps. As regular commuters know all too well, padded straps can be lifesavers. Shop women’s computer totes Women%e2%80%99s%20Gloves

Women’s Gloves

You need an assortment of gloves to embrace the changing seasons, some with warm insulation for the daily trek to work and others for dressy occasions. Consider special texting gloves if you’re always on the phone. Leather is the material of choice for its natural properties of suppleness and snug fit. Natural hide or synthetic gloves with an elastic cuff prevent heat from escaping. Insulated, waterproof gloves are ideal for active, outdoor activities but usually make it difficult to perform tactile functions. Brightly-coloured or handsomely-detailed dress gloves with faux fur trim can bring dull outerwear to life or complement a vivid overcoat and matching purse. Try to coordinate your style of glove with other accessories such as handbags and scarves to project a unified look. Shop women’s gloves Umbrellas


Having an umbrella on hand for unexpected weather can save your day, not to mention your wardrobe. A compact, mini-umbrella is lightweight and tucks easily into your everyday handbag where it can always stay in case of emergency. Days when the forecast is bleak call for something sturdy enough to withstand a tropical-strength shower or gusting winds. Larger, automatic umbrellas pop open at the touch of a button and can spare you from a sudden drenching. Look for a style that matches your raincoat or rain boots. A lightweight umbrella can double as protection in intense summer weather to shield against sunburn, heat and glare. A vibrant print umbrella projects optimism and a playful mood in any outdoor conditions. Shop umbrellas Sunglasses


When choosing sunglasses, UV (ultraviolet) protection is essential to prevent eye damage from the sun, regardless of frame and lens style. Polarized lenses can reduce glare and reflection. Beyond the safety factor, shape, size, lens, and frame colour can influence your purchase. The size and shape of your face is the best guide to deciding which general style suits you best. Sunglasses have the power to dramatically transform your appearance so decide on the image you want to project and coordinate it with your rest of your wardrobe. Whimsical, colourful frames portray you as fun-loving and mischievous while heavy, dark frames suggest mystery and intensity. Classic frames like the aviator, clubmaster, and wayfarer are essentials for your sunglass collection — they add effortless and timeless style to any outfit. Metal frames finished in gold or silver can be glamorous, but best suited to recreational or leisure activities rather than the office. Bottom line: choose a pair that fits your personal style.

Women’s Accessory Matching Tips:

• Don’t over-accessorize
• Have fun with patterns! Try mixing an matching to find a unique style that suits you
• Make sure accessories complement each other
• Try colours that work together rather than a precise match
• Choose white or black as a foundation colour for your outfit
• Make sure accessories reflect the tone and mood of the activity

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Women’s Accessory Maintenance Tips:

• Carry a scuff-eraser pad or stain-remover pen to touch up light-coloured bags
• Stuff handbags with newspaper during storage to help retain their shape
• Put air fresheners or dryer sheets in handbags during storage to combat odour
• Treat your leather handbags with a recommended product to prevent stains
• Store sunglasses in their case to avoid scratches while not in use
• Clean out your wallet every few months to help retain its shape
• Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for care and cleaning

Which Handbag Is Right For Your Body Type?

Take proportion into account when considering purse size. For example, small purses or satchels naturally flatter petite figures while a taller woman can carry a mid-sized to over-sized purse. If you have a small waist and hips, consider crossbody bags, hobo handbags, or shoulder bags. A triangular body shape suits handbags that rest between the waist and hips to enhance body symmetry. A handbag that rests at the natural waist can add shape to a figure where the shoulders run parallel to the waist and hips. Satchel bags and hobo bags also compliment this body type, but avoid purses that drop below the hips. An hourglass body type can pull off several styles as long as the size of the bag is proportionate to your stature. Tote handbags suit apple-shaped body types, but avoid styles like shoulder bags or messenger bags which draw attention to the chest area.