Our summer activities guide will help get you and your family ready for a fun-filled season!

Are you gearing up for the summer season? Counting down the days until you can wear your favourite pair of shorts? You’re not alone, I am too! Summer not only brings the heat but also can bring us outdoors to enjoy a ton of fun activities for kids and the whole family.

Summertime gives us a chance to reclaim our backyard from its winter wonderland state and host exciting outdoor parties with friends, family, and neighbours. It’s also a great time to play some recreational sports to help stay fit this season.

Here is our summer activities guide so you can plan a great summer season!

Your summer activity guide:

  1. Horseshoes and lawn sports
  2. Recreational summer sports
  3. Stay cool with a pool party
  4. Get your grill on
  5. Lawn care and gardening

Horseshoes and lawn sports

With the sun out in full force, why not take advantage of the warm weather by enjoying some competitive lawn sports? Inviting friends and family out to the yard for a game of horseshoes or lawn bowling is a great way to stay active while having fun. Most lawn sports can be set up in minutes, so there’s no waiting around. My family is big on ring toss, though we also love tossing around the frisbee!

If your home’s backyard or front yard space is limited, you can always gather the family and head over to the local park. Lawn sports like bocce ball and beanbag toss are accessible outdoor games! Kids can also get in on the action with outdoor toys like a tetherball.


Recreational summer sports

Summer is the perfect time to lace up your sneakers, head outside and add exercise to your routine. Get the whole family involved with recreational sports sure to create wonderful family memories. From team sports like volleyball to a 1v1 game of basketball, there are so many sports to enjoy this summer. Tennis is a favourite of mine as all you need is a couple of rackets and enough tennis balls so you don’t have to chase each one down frantically!

If you want to get more elaborate, a game of baseball can really bring the family together. Make sure you get all the necessary baseball equipment beforehand though, such as gloves, baseballs and bases. Getting a team together and participating in weekly games can be a great activity with friends and family!

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Stay cool with a pool party

A timeless summer classic! Summertime can get pretty warm here in Canada, and instead of hiding from the heat in the AC, take a dip in a pool! I love reminiscing about wonderful summer memories with friends all gathered around the pool—music cranked while lounging in an inflatable chair.

If you don’t have a backyard pool, a fantastic option is to plan a trip with the family to your local public pool. Many recreation centres also have pools available, so grab your pool noodles and get out there!


Get your grill on

The summer season is synonymous with barbequing. Nothing beats inviting everyone out to the yard while you cook up a delicious feast on the grill. Whether you go with charcoal or propane, it’s hard to top the flavour of grilled food. From burgers to steak, to vegetable skewers—there are so many great options to cook up this summer.

Walmart Canada has a wide variety of BBQs to fit your lifestyle and needs. A good BBQ doesn’t need to break the bank either, it’s easy to find one with great value. If you’re looking to get some camping in this summer, you can also look at a portable grill to take that smokey flavour wherever you go!


Lawn care and gardening

Lawn care is a fun outdoor task and it can be therapeutic too. Plus, for all our summer activity recommendations, having your lawn in tip-top shape is the first step! With the rainy season behind us, it’s time to mow the lawn, patch the bare spots, and get rid of those pesky weeds. Before you know it, you’ll have a yard fit for activities big or small.

Thinking of stretching out that green thumb of yours this year? Summer is a great time to plant tomatoes, rosemary, cucumbers, and many other vegetables or herbs. I experimented with planting basil in a small pot last year and before I knew it, I had enough basil to last the season!

Summer is an excellent time to hit the outdoors and enjoy the weather. With many exciting options out there, take the time to plan some activities for you and your family! We hope with this guide you’ll have a happy and safe season!

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